Ever wonder what it would be like to go somewhere you've never been, teach a language the locals don't understand, live with people you've never met, and leave everything behind? Me too! Come read about my journey and discover my adventures in the land of the rising sun. I taught at an English language school and traveled the country in 2007. The following is a record of my travel journal at the time. So, please enjoy my tale in the comfort of your home. Ma ta ne (See you later)!


The Beginning: Twenty Hours and Counting
    Want to know what the longest plane ride ever feels like? I'm about to. Come and read about the start of my adventure. Read More

Culture Shock: Highs and Lows
    The never ending day. City office, grocery store, and apartment, oh my! I was able to understand one person today. Unfortunately, it was a dog! Read More

Trains: Survival of the Fittest and Social Meltdown
    Think New York City trains are a challenge? Experience the "train etiquette" of a place with twice the population! Read More

Shinjuku: Times Square of Tokyo
    The onsen calls. I cannot wait for a proper spring and settle for the closest in the middle of Shinjuku! Read More

Training: Just Call Me Sensei
  A slight rant about my training to become a great teaching master. Followed by an interval of travel highlights. Read More


The Grind: Daily Life and Adaptation
  The wheel turns, the butter churns, the day burns, the student learns? Just a little info about the day-to-day stuff. Read More

Asakusa: Senso-ji Serenity and Stellar Shopping
  Find out why karmic patience pays off in my trip to an extremely popular temple, Senso-ji. Read More

Learning: The True Meaning of Cultural Exchange
    The serendipity of life. Do you believe in fate? I know I do. Even the simple can be life altering. Read More

Kawagoe: The City of Little Edo
    The festival at Kawagoe comes once a year. Its a famous festival, but really how crowded can it be? Read More

Ikebukuro: Tokyo Typhoon and Toilet Turmoil
    Nothing like going to the city on a rainy afternoon, especially when a typhoon's rolling in! Read More


Tsuru-shi: A University Festival and Gakusei
    Takoyaki! Kirigami! Mandolins! And Billie Joe! Its all in a university festival! Need I really say more? Read More

Fujisan: The Soaring Mountain and A Homestay Experience
    Mt. Fuji can barely be described in words. Its speechlessness only surpassed by the kindness of a Japanese mother. Read More

Nikko: Just a Walk in the Woods
    A cautionary tale of hiking mishaps, followed by an exhilarating excerpt of our trip.  Read More

Fujimino: The International Exchange Forum
     I don't want to work (or do but can't), I just want to bang on the drum all day! Hey hey! Copyright © 1983 Todd Rundgren "Bang on the Drum All Day". Read More

Thanksgiving: Happy Labour Day?
    The story of an elusive turkey, a whole chicken, and the end results. What will we have for our Thanksgiving feast, Japanese style? Please no more noodles! Read More

Kamakura: A Date with the Great Buddha
    Why you shouldn't travel on a National Holiday in Japan - ever! The journey begins as one of despair but ends in pure bliss. Have I reached nirvana? No, but it's close! Read More


Japan Whirlwind: The Home Stretch
    After four months in Japan, the last ten days consist of travelling the country with my love. Six cities, ten days, two backpacks, two rail passes, and one dream. The whirlwind flies by before the fourteen hour flight back to New York. I will miss you Japan!