Sunday, May 21, 2017

I Owe You and Thank You!

Dear Readers,

I want to tell you many things but have little time, so let me begin with the most important part, by saying THANK YOU! Thank you for your time, your patience, and your indulgence as I've pursued paths that have taken me from you. Thank you for reading my books and kindly nudging me for more. Thank you for taking an interest in me and my stories. Truly and honestly, thank you so much.
I owe you. And I have not been faithful to you. I have pushed back deadlines again and again on sequels in which you're waiting. I have chosen getting other books out into the world over my own. I have put the needs of other authors first, over yours. And I wish I can say I'm sorry for it, but I can't. I AM sorry you're waiting much longer than you should, but these stories...these stories!

If you're not sure where all this is coming from, let me tell you the backstory.


Some time in 2012, Yelena Casale, my co-author of the Key series, and I decided it was time to take a step back from pursuing traditional publishing and re-evaluate our career paths. We had done the query route, signed with an agent, and had our hearts broken twice at the acquisitions table of two major publishing houses. My solo project was about to make the rounds again with our agent. We had been officially at this since 2009, but had been in and around publishing in many facets for years before then. It was time for a change.

We spent eighteen months researching, furthering our network, and building our business plan, and finally opened the doors to City Owl Press in late 2014. It has been a wild ride ever since. Now, with over 30 authors signed, various catalogs of novels in romance and speculative fiction, two partnerships with agents in foreign rights and audio, starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, conference panels, editorial appointments, and the day-to-day of running the business, it has been a massive undertaking.

And I love every bit of it.


So, what does this all mean? Well, it means less time for everything, but particularly, writing. It's one of the furthest down on the to do list every day, and often gets pushed aside for more pressing matters. While this means I put out less books personally and need to go at a slower pace, it also means you get lots and lots of books from other brilliant authors.

Our company covers so many genres and styles that I truly believe you'll find new books to love among them. My readers are awesome, and I promise, I will finish the series you've expressed interest in and desire for more. It just may take me a bit longer. In the mean time, I hope you'll give City Owl Press books a try. 

And once again, THANK YOU! Ninja readers rock. 


  1. You and Yelena are amazing and we appreciate all you do for City Owl Press authors! I'm super excited to see where your series goes. You rock all around!