Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Book Birthday to SHATTERED by Sharon M. Johnston

  SHATTERED: An Open Heart Novel Book 2 

Healing a battered heart will risk her last link to humanity 

Mishca needs to save her sisters, but only Ryder can save her. 

The truth about Mishca’s past shattered her heart. She deals with the pain by focusing on a new mission: saving her newfound family from their creator. With her sisters scheduled for termination, Mishca and her friends set out on a journey up the North Queensland Coast to save them before someone else dies. 

Ryder understands the need driving Mischa. It’s in her DNA. But he’s not giving up on the chance they can still be together. She’s the only one to have seen him levitate. The only one to watch the sparks dance across his skin. The only one he trusts enough to know what is in his heart. And now, he might be the only one who can stop Mishca from losing her humanity. 

 Driven apart by secrets, will they come together in time? shattered-digital-3d 

http://smarturl.it/TruthCO   http://smarturl.it/TruthAmz   http://smarturl.it/TruthBN   http://smarturl.it/TruthKobo   http://smarturl.it/TruthiBooks   http://smarturl.it/TruthARe  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26158088-wicked-alphas-wild-nights

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YA & NA author, Sharon M. Johnston, hails from sunny Queensland, Australia. When she's not writing, Sharon works in PR, spends time with her family, and plays far too much Pokemon Go. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and on her website.

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