Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Words Matter

Authors aren't supposed to talk politics. It polarizes their readership and disillusions the reader who does not agree with their favorite author. Today's post is not about policies or economics, Trump or Clinton, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, a two-party system or third party candidates, building walls or tearing them down, it is about the power of words.

I am an author. Words matter. Full stop.

I could end it there, and it would be enough. Yet, in a presidential campaign filled with some of the most vile and atrocious rhetoric I have ever had the displeasure to experience, I am burdened my a deep pain and sadness for America.

The race to the White House has divided an already fractured country. It has allowed words to become meaningless in the face of malcontent. If the goal is to bring about change, then the bringer of the rain can do anything, say anything, blame anyone for the sake of running into the sun, of reaching the finish line. And that includes crossing any and all lines of propriety, decency, or truth. In true Machiavellian fashion, "the ends justify the means."

Yet, the problem with such a perspective is it neglects to understand and appreciate the true power of words. No offense to my first grade teacher who said, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me," but that's a load of crap. Words hurt. A lot.

When the leaders of your country tell you that your life doesn't matter, when groups that have been marginalized for centuries in this country, and millenniums worldwide, are called out for being "the problem," we create a society of homogeneous thinking in a diverse community. We allow racism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, discrimination, and the like. In a word, we allow prejudice to reign.

Words matter.

Verbal abuse, bullying, trash talking, and inflammatory language aren't a simple problem of miscommunication. They aren't the antithesis of political correctness. They lead to action and reaction. They incite fear, shame, grief, and anger. They victimize the vulnerable. They destroy self-worth, self-esteem, and overall psychological health. They promote aggression and violence. They are the starting point of the battle, the warfare, the hate.

Words matter.

When I look into the eyes of the many children, teenagers, and yes, adults too, in my life today, I am reminded of the power of words. Their sadness reflects my own, because no matter who became president, the words left in the wake of this election remain. The hurts inflicted upon my loved ones from these awful yet powerful words hits me in the heart.

Words matter.

As the country moves forward, and hopefully, finds a way to heal the bottomless rifts, I hope we remember this election. I beg us all to never forget the power of words and where they lead. Words are not empty. Words are not meaningless. Words are not merely the realm of the scholar, or the salesman, or dare I say it, the author. Words belong to us all. They are what makes us different from other living creatures around the globe. They are the way we communicate and navigate our world. They make us better. They make us unique. They make us human.

Words, my friends, words matter.

Monday, October 10, 2016

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Book Birthday to SHATTERED by Sharon M. Johnston

  SHATTERED: An Open Heart Novel Book 2 

Healing a battered heart will risk her last link to humanity 

Mishca needs to save her sisters, but only Ryder can save her. 

The truth about Mishca’s past shattered her heart. She deals with the pain by focusing on a new mission: saving her newfound family from their creator. With her sisters scheduled for termination, Mishca and her friends set out on a journey up the North Queensland Coast to save them before someone else dies. 

Ryder understands the need driving Mischa. It’s in her DNA. But he’s not giving up on the chance they can still be together. She’s the only one to have seen him levitate. The only one to watch the sparks dance across his skin. The only one he trusts enough to know what is in his heart. And now, he might be the only one who can stop Mishca from losing her humanity. 

 Driven apart by secrets, will they come together in time? shattered-digital-3d 

To celebrate the impending release of SHATTERED, you could win a $20 gift voucher. Check out all the ways to enter in the Rafflecopter Link a Rafflecopter giveaway 

YA & NA author, Sharon M. Johnston, hails from sunny Queensland, Australia. When she's not writing, Sharon works in PR, spends time with her family, and plays far too much Pokemon Go. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and on her website.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


14 Paranormal Romances from USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Authors

This collection of paranormal romance stories, novellas, and full-length novels has something to satisfy everyone. For those that like just a little spice to those that like it steaming hot, our 15 authors have collaborated to bring you the best in paranormal romance. This enormous box set offers the reader a taste of everything. You will get hours of entertainment, novelty and enjoyment all the while knowing that there will be a satisfying Happily Ever After ending to each story. No cliffhangers and no partial novels here, just spellbinding stories you can really sink your fangs… Er, teeth into. 

* Love’s Long Shadow by Ciara Knight
* The Owl and the Pussycat by Nancy Segovia
* Moon Dance by Athena Grayson
* Sometimes Thorns are all Black by Danielle DeVor
* Dark Warrior by Denna Holm
* Secret Heart of Lacie Blade by Diane J Reed
* The Misplaced by Jody A Kessler
* Wolf at the Door by Melissa Robitille
* The Long Sleep by Phil Hore
* The Exquisite & Immaculate Grace of Carmen Espinoza by Rebecca Taylor
* Through the Window Pain: Pleasure & Passion by Rosalie Redd
* Lunacy by Shawna Romkey
* Only the Fallen by Tmonique Stephens
* Embracing Darkness by Yelena Casale & Tina Moss 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

BAD BOYS AFTER DARK: Hot Days, Paranormal Nights

Dark, Dangerous, Deadly, and Full of Desire!
Paranormal creatures stalk the night and find their mates in this collection of stories to be read at bedtime and fantasized about in dreams. A power that can’t be resisted. A wild streak that can’t be tamed. A passion that fulfills a woman in ways she never imagined. All these are contained in a volume of tempting FULL-LENGTH NOVELS by eight AWARD WINNING and BESTSELLING romance authors.

Shifters, vampires, ghosts, and more inhabit these night time worlds, existing in the gray realm between good and evil. Whether you like your hero furry, fanged, aggressive or more subtly seductive, this set is for you!

* Code Black by Tina Moss * Savage Surrender by Ellis Leigh * Protector by Vivian Lane 
* Out of the Box by Kallysten * Waiting for Darkness by Fionn Jameson 

* My Scarlet Woman by Shelley Munro * Fury's Kiss by Nicola R. White 
* Shifter, P.I. by Bonnie Dee



Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Cover Reveal Day to SHATTERED by Sharon M. Johnston!

Healing a battered heart will risk her last link to humanity.

eBook Edition
September 2016
Price: $3.99

 Mishca needs to save her sisters, but only Ryder can save her.

The truth about Mishca’s past shattered her heart. She deals with the pain by focusing on a new mission: saving her newfound family from their creator. With her sisters scheduled for termination, Mishca and her friends set out on a journey up the North Queensland Coast to save them before someone else dies.

Ryder understands the need driving Mischa. It’s in her DNA. But he’s not giving up on the chance they can still be together. She’s the only one to have seen him levitate. The only one to watch the sparks dance across his skin. The only one he trusts enough to know what is in his heart. And now, he might be the only one who can stop Mishca from losing her humanity.

Driven apart by secrets, will they come together in time?

For more about Sharon M. Johnston, find her across the web:!/authorsmjohnston

Can't wait? Grab book one DIVIDED to get started with the Open Heart Novels today!


And find a sneak peek at SHATTERED now!

My hands grip the steering wheel so tight my knuckle start to resemble mini snow capped mountains. I could drive under the truck 200 meters ahead in the opposite lane and end it all. It would be so easily. Accelerate; yank the wheel, and then nothingness. The scenario plays out in my mind so vividly I actual wince. 

Suck it up, soldier. This pity party is over. 

I shake my head as though that will make the intrusive thoughts dissipate. The best thing might be to think of nothing at all. Thinking about the fact people want to kill my sisters, thinking about how I stuffed everything with Ryder, thinking about Isobel and how I’m her incarnate, thinking about Colin… Ah crap, now I’m thinking about Colin.

I want to travel back in time and bitch-slap past-me forever believing that Imogene’s love for Colin was my own. Part of me is furious with my original for passing on her insanely passionate feelings for my former university professor. The other part of me is furious with Colin with not realizing that I was his soul mate’s duplicate. Being a clone sucks ass.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy Book Birthday to SKIN by Brenda Corey Dunne!

Today, I have the pleasure of celebrating the release of SKIN, a YA paranormal featuring a selkie on Prince Edward Island, by the amazing Brenda Corey Dunne!

With a name like Ocean, you’d think moving to Prince Edward Island would be simple. But since seventeen year old Ocean crossed that huge bridge to the land of red sand, her life has been far from normal—it’s been downright dangerous. Trouble seems to follow her everywhere, and she’s got the bruises to prove it.

And then there’s her mysterious neighbour, Sam...who seems to know more about her history than she does herself. When Ocean finally steps into the salty waves with Sam, she realizes that her life has been based on a lie, and that she is missing something...something she never knew existed.

Her skin.

Brenda Corey Dunne grew up in rural New Brunswick, Canada. She originally trained as a physiotherapist and worked several years as an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force before meeting her Air Force pilot husband and taking her release. She has two other published novels, DEPENDENT (2014) and TREASURE IN THE FLAME (2012).

Brenda is represented by Frances Black of Literary Counsel. She currently resides on the Pacific Coast of Canada, but home is wherever the RCAF sends her hubby, and she’ll be moving to the Washington, DC area in the summer of 2016. When not writing, working or taxiing her three children she can be found either in the garden or on the beach with a book in one hand and a very, very large coffee in the other.



The moon is so bright outside it’s casting shadows in my room, bathing everything in grey, dim light. I walk to the window, touch the photo still pinned to the wall, and look out at the beach. My hand falls, and my thumb slides to Dad’s ring, twisting it around and around and around.

It’s as if there’s a huge, lunar spotlight in the night sky, shining on the waves and blowing grasses. I have an urge to go out and walk in the waves. I can almost hear voices in the crash of the water—comforting voices—but Mom would have a hissy-fit if she found out I’d gone to the ocean alone. I sit down and sip my water, watching.

There’s someone walking along the beach, and I’m sure it’s Sam. His hair and the smooth way he walks—that lithe, almost animal stalk could only be him. Whether it’s real or a trick of the light, I think he might be naked. He’s carrying something in his arms— maybe it’s his clothes—but he walks into the waves with whatever it is like he’s going for a moonlight swim. He goes deeper and deeper until I only see the blink of his head. That too disappears beneath the waves.

I don’t see him resurface.



Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Monday, April 18, 2016

CODE BLACK Nominated for RONE Award! Time to Vote!

Exciting News! CODE BLACK has been nominated for a RONE Award! Every year InD'tale Magazine chooses from their list of reviews in multiple genres. Each nominee must receive a 4 star review or better for their work in order to be chosen.

The voting takes place all this week, ending on April 24th. If you read CODE BLACK, please consider voting for it in the Paranormal category!  


Sunday, March 20, 2016

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Monday, January 11, 2016

RED ALERT: Cover Reveal

When the Night Calls...Heat It Up

eBook Edition
June 2016
Price: $3.99


Special Agent Jame Bradshaw has five dead senators on her hands...and a pack of trouble between her claws. As the newest team leader for the Paranormal Crimes Division, this feisty shifter is smack in the middle of a political hornet’s nest waiting to implode. With the mass murder at the Capitol building and the city under a red alert, paranoia spreads like wildfire. She must solve this mystery before the higher-ups call for head.

When former vampire vigilante and newly minted PCD agent, Drake, shows up to the scene, the case heats up and so does the tension. Fighting off the charms of a lethal hundred and fifty year old vamp may prove Jame’s final the most delicious ways. But if this alpha shifter doesn’t learn to let down her defenses and channel the passion into a true partnership, she’ll risk losing more than her badge.

Read the Excerpt HERE

Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Don't miss Book 1, CODE BLACK, available now.

Can't get enough? Find out more from the PARANORMAL CRIMES DIVISION

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wicked Alphas, Wildest Nights Available Now!


Find your next red-hot read in this sizzling collection of paranormal romance scenes, featuring werewolves, dragons, vampires, witches, psychics, angels, goblins, aliens, a succubus, and sexy cowboy shifters. Your favorite authors (including New York Times and USA Today bestsellers as well as rising stars) share the steamiest scenes from their latest works!
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