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Writing Process Blog Tour

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An author's writing process is as unique as her books. Some writers are plotters, others are pantsers. Some utilize beta readers, others critique partners. Some rely on methods such as "save the cat", scene and sequel, or story beats. Whatever the process, the result is the same: a creative and individual story.

I'd like to thank Kris Mehigan for inviting me to the Writing Process Blog Tour and allowing me to share my process with you today. You can find her on her blog, Leave it to Kris... and follow her on Twitter @KKMHOO.

Writing Process

#1 What I am working on...
      I have several projects at the moment. First, EMBRACING DARKNESS, a short story sequel to A TOUCH OF DARKNESS, comes out in the romance anthology, LOVE IS... this August. The novel sequels are also in the works.
      My paranormal romantic suspense series, beginning with CODE BLACK, will hopefully release next year. The second book, RED ALERT, is close to completion, and the third book, M.I.A., is being outlined.
       An as of now untitled NA Contemporary Romance is also close to completion. For a look at all of my projects click on the BOOKS link above.

# 2 My work differs from others in its genre...
       By not relying on genre conventions. A TOUCH OF DARKNESS is an urban fantasy, but has elements of suspense, thriller, and romance. CODE BLACK is so much a genre blending that I've labeled it paranormal romantic suspense. Finally, the NA project is outside the normal college setting that constitutes most NA books on the market.

# 3 I write what I do because...
       I love the challenge. Paranormal and urban fantasy are my first loves, but I like to mix it up with elements from other genres. The NA contemporary romance is a departure from these genres. However, I've been enjoying the research involved and unraveling the jumble surrounding these characters into a cohesive and very different story.

# 4 My writing process works...
      One page at a time. I typically outline no more than six chapters ahead. So, I always have an idea of where the story is going and a plan for it, but by not outlining the entire book, I'm able to allow it to grow and extend in different directions. I also do extensive character maps beforehand, so I know my characters well before diving in. Yet, even then, they have the ability to surprise me.

Be sure to check out the next authors in the Writing Process Blog Tour next week, when they unveil their secrets.

Eden Butler is an editor and writer of New Adult Romance and SciFi and Fantasy novels and the nine-times great-granddaughter of an honest-to-God English pirate. This could explain her affinity for rule breaking and rum. Her debut novel, a New Adult,
Contemporary (no cliffie) Romance, “Chasing Serenity” launched in October 2013 and quickly became an Amazon bestseller.

When she’s not writing or wondering about her possibly Jack Sparrowesque ancestor, Eden edits, reads and spends way too much time watching rugby, Doctor Who and New Orleans Saints football.

She is currently imprisoned under teenage rule alongside her husband in southeast Louisiana.

Heather McCorkle is  an author of steampunk (currently on submission) and fantasy. She's an avid reader who loves the outdoors. 

In her spare time (hah, what's that?!) she's a graphic designer who
creates book covers and promotional material for authors and publishers.

Find her on her blog here.

Yelena Casale is an award-winning author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Yelena was born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to New York at 13. Being very curious and inquisitive, she has been a devoted reader and writer since childhood. As a 2nd degree black belt and instructor in Shotokan karate, an avid traveler and history and art enthusiast, she weaves universal themes with martial arts
philosophies into her stories. She lives with her amazing, super supportive husband and the best Siamese cat. 

Like the samurai of the old, as well as the ultimate Renaissance man and Yelena's favorite historical figure, Leonardo da Vinci, she believes that nothing is greater than mastery of oneself.

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  1. "One page at a time..." Sage words, Tina! Thanks for joining me on the Writing Process Blog Tour. Happy writing!!!