Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NestPitch is HERE! The Submission Window is Open for 24 Hours!

The submission window for NestPitch is NOW OPEN!

It will remain open for 24 hours, from noon on 1st April to 11.59am 2nd April (USA EST). That’s 24 hours from this post going live, folks.

There’s no cut off number for entries. Everyone who submits during the window will make it into the contest. All entries will receive an email receipt. If you don’t, check with Nik Vukoja on Twitter @nestpitch and/or @nik_vukoja

Send your entries to nestpitch @ outlook .com (no spaces)

For formatting instructions and rules check this post out (although an excerpt is contained

NestPitch is a contest where participants email their 35-word pitches together with the first
300 words of their finished manuscript (or 100 words for picture books).

The selected pitches will be featured on these blogs (show them all some follow love – you
know, if you want to):

Then agents, identities hidden, will leave a request for pages, partials or fulls of the featured

Then agents, their identities hidden, will leave a request for pages, partials and/or fulls of the featured pitches.

Entries must be embedded within email (no attachments) with following:
Genre: Category/Genre of Manuscript (i.e. NA Romance)
Word Count: (nearest 1000)
PITCH: 35-word (max) log-line
Answer to question: (Question: in one sentence, max 15-words in the sentence: If my Main Character were an Easter Egg, what flavour would he be & why)

First 300-words of your manuscript. If the 300th word falls in the middle of a sentence, go to the end of the sentence.  For Picture-book submissions please only submit 100-words.  If the 100th word falls in the middle of a sentence, go to the end of the sentence.

Please ensure 
(i)               your manuscript has not been featured (you can have entered, but can't have been a finalist) in another Pitch Competition in the past 12 months – that’s ANY pitch competition (not twitter pitches), from the period April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.
(ii)             your manuscript IS NOT published.  This INCLUDES self-published.

Our Slush Bilbies & Nest Bloggers will read through the pitches and pick the top 72 pitches for the agent round: April 17 – 18
Good luck!

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  1. I wish my manuscript were ready! I would love to participate as I feel it will be perfect for Cate Hart. But alas, *sigh*, it isn't quite there yet. Best of luck to all who participate!