Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nest Pitch TM7 Writ of Shadows

Category/Genre: YA Fantasy
Word Count: 60,000

Pitch: A thirteen year-old necromancer and her friends search for artifacts controlling the sinister Druidic Council while she struggles to learn the highest form of magic—the spells that would prevent the destruction of her world.

If the MC was an Easter egg... An Easter egg? I guess a crystalized blue sugar shell with anise-lemon ganache inside.

Ennara recoiled from the lifeless pansy on the long stone table. Here in healing class at least, she should be free from the dark magic that flowed uncontrolled from her fingertips. But the flowers weren’t supposed to be dead. Nothing in this class was supposed to be dead, only injured. Resurrection was reserved for upper grades.

She glanced around the classroom. At the end of her bench, Kithe’s mop of black hair quivered as he flicked the petals of a wilted daisy. At least her best friend’s flower wasn’t quite dead. Professor Inunsolus, cloaked in the thick brown robes of the holy druid, hunched over a table at the front of the room. Two daughters of prominent Druidic Council members stood on the opposite side of the bench attentively examining a vibrant rose. A stone healing font, white mottled with black and gray, bubbled lazily in the corner. Water from an ancient spring in the fortress was piped directly into the class for their training. Even though she’d been in Icelan for a year, she still found herself surprised by the strange combination of homey and other-worldly the buildings Icelan contained.

“Miss Gaern, is there a problem?” Professor Inunsolus’ deep voice rumbled from the front of the room, breaking Ennara from her introspection.


Twenty students, children of the ruling classes of Lan, turned to look at her. Inunsolus frowned, his clear eyes darkening under shaggy white eyebrows. He strode to Ennara’s table and peered at the plant before her. He lowered his voice, but not enough to keep nearby students from hearing. “It’s the simplest healing spell I can teach you, but if you aren’t up to it we can start you with blessings—”

Ennara wanted the old man to like her, but something about him seemed hard, shut off.

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