Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nest Pitch TM6 Who Do You Love the MOST?

Title: Who Do You Love the MOST?
Category/Genre: Picture Book
Word Count: 490

Pitch: Siblings one-upping and crazy exaggerations are balanced by the unwavering of Mother’s love in the 490-word PB, Who Do You Love the Most? Laugh and smile along while Aiden and Amy weave their wild tales.

If the MC was an Easter egg... Half pink-strawberry, half blue-blueberry. These two are scrambling for best placement on the egg!


Amy and Aiden flew down the stairs. 
“Mom -” cried Amy.

“Who do you love the most?”  interrupted Aiden.
Mom hugged them close.  “You know my answer.  I love you both the same.”
“You can’t love us EXACTLY the same,” said Amy. 
Aiden agreed.  “We’re too different!” 
“What about all the fun you and I have playing in the park?” said Aiden “We bounce so high on the seesaw that we rearrange the clouds and write our names in the sky.   You don’t do that with Amy!”
 “And I love doing that with you.”
“What about when WE play in the park?” cried Amy.   

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