Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nest Pitch TM5 The Ledge

Category/Genre: MG Adventure
Word Count: 36,000

Pitch: A mountain adventure bonding trip for two brothers results in a tragic climbing accident and a near-death experience for one of them that unravels a lifelong secret kept by their parents.

If the MC was an Easter egg... If my main character were an Easter Egg, he would be MacGyver-flavored because he is clever, calm and brave in dire survival situations.


With wide eyes, Bryce slid feet first like a seal out of the Jeep, and dragged his backpack behind him. He dreaded the week ahead, not because of the challenges of mountain survival, but because he knew he couldn't count on his big brother, Jack.

Dad stuck out his hand to Jack for a goodbye handshake. He winced as Dad pumped their fists together. “Take care of him, you hear?” 

Jack nodded once.

Dad half-hugged Bryce. “Be good, son. Listen to your big brother and stay together no matter what. 

Bryce stiffened. He hated being the little brother. Why do I have to listen to Jack? I'm the one who knows the wilderness, not Jack. I'm the one who knows how to build a fire and set a trap and keep warm in a rainstorm. He also knew that Jack wasn't one to listen to anybody, let alone his little brother.

Back in the Jeep, Dad waved out the window and drove away. Bryce blinked at the tears that threatened to betray his fear of being left alone with Jack.

Jack stood next to him, but it gave Bryce no comfort. He looked up at sixteen-year-old Jack with his broad football shoulders. Bryce was short and lanky, only thirteen, and his feet stuck out too long. Mom had told him not to worry; he was still a kid. She assured him he'd grow, but Bryce wasn't convinced.

As soon as the jeep turned the corner, Jack shoved him. Off balance with his backpack, Bryce teetered over a log, landing smack on his behind in a patch of prickly-pear cactus. He couldn't tell if it was the pain or Jack's laughter that caused his eyes to flood. He scrambled up and lunged at Jack, who jumped out of the way, and Bryce connected with a fist-full of air.