Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nest Pitch TM4 The Stained Glass Sun and Moon

Category/Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: 82,000

Pitch: Sixteen-year-old Jules struggles to find a good balance between her boyfriend, friends, family, and softball, but the harder she fights to hold on, the more she realizes that maybe she can’t have it all.

If the MC was an Easter egg... My brother (who sucks) says fry-flavored so I’ll stop asking for freebies when he’s working.

Jesse Macken was trying to get my attention.

“Damn Jules,” he said as he pretended to trip and fall against the locker beside mine. “Watch where you leave your bookbag.”

“Watch where you walk.”

He grinned, giving me what I guessed was his idea of a smoldering dark-eyed stare. I sniffed in disinterest, looking instead at his brother Cody, who was a senior, a year older than us. As usual, he was staring at his feet, dark hair hanging in his face.

“How’s work?” I asked Cody. I figured I’d be nice, since he was my brother’s friend and it wasn’t his fault Jesse was an idiot. “Any new animals at the sanctuary?”

“I’ve got some pictures on my phone, if you want to see.”

“Sure.” I shrugged.

“All he does is scoop shit,” Jesse said. “Why do you wanna see that?”

Cody’s face got red. “I do more than that.”

“I know you do,” I told him. I turned to Jesse. “What are you, like five? You’re talking about poop while Cody’s helping poor, hurt animals. You’d never do something nice like that, would you? You’re way too full of yourself.”

As soon as my last regrettable sentence was out of my mouth, I braced myself for Jesse’s lame comeback about how, if I was lucky, I could be full of him, too. Instead, his eyes briefly met mine and he seemed embarrassed.

Cody cleared his throat. “Jess, I need to get to work. We have to go.”

“I’ll catch a ride with someone else.” Jesse glanced at me.

A lone butterfly flapped in my stomach over the idea of him staying to spend time with me. I willed it to die. I couldn’t soften toward Jesse Macken. Not after what he did to me freshman year.