Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nest Pitch TM2 Quicksilver

Category/Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 100,000

Pitch: Anna, a retired necromancer desperate for work without dead-talking, must prove her innocence by helping local Georgia cops stop an alchemist killing witches with deadly experiments, while navigating her way through local supernatural politics.

If the MC was an Easter egg... Raspberry flavored chocolate with peanut butter swirls, a little fun and a little bit practical.

Atlanta’s Piedmont Park was a place to relax and take in the sounds of nature. The dead woman hanging up in a tree ruined it for me. Raw poisonous power infected her body and left a quicksilver shine to her skin. To my trained eyes the air had an angry shimmer like a magic bomb had gone off in her heart. All I had wanted to do tonight was throw a spell to keep me from going back to stripping or waiting tables. Preferably a job with a dental plan and didn’t involve guys trying to grab me all the time. Instead I sat on the back bumper of a police car at four in the morning while cops decided whether I was a murderer.

I breathed in death and tasted ashes and tears. She had been tortured with magic. I was so screwed.

The patrol officer had finished taking my statement and now I was waiting for a Detective to repeat the process. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

The medical examiner walked around the body, taking pictures with a digital camera. His hands kept twitching the same way a kid at a museum tries to resist fondling the statues.

“Don’t do it,” I said under my breath. His plastic gloves would do nothing to keep him safe but warning the cops about magic would require answers I didn’t want to give. That and it was four in the morning. My finding the body was suspicious enough. I didn’t want to give them ideas. I walked away from necromancy a long time ago and wanted nothing more with that world.

The ME reached a gloved hand out to touch the silvery skin. His heart would stop before he had time to draw in air for a scream.

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