Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nest Pitch TM1 Reset to Zero

Category/Genre: YA Science Fiction
Word Count: 82,000

Pitch: Years inside a juvenile prison, Seren wants out. When she learns there is no parole, Seren must put her trust in a borderline sociopath with an escape plan, and survive until their prison break.

If the MC was an Easter egg... Bitter chocolate--nothing sweet about me. 


No matter what happens, I hope I’m still me when this is all over.
That was on my mind when I stood behind the battle doors. That was what I held on to every day I spent underground in the Abyssal Prison.

Agitated. Caged. Always waiting to be let out. The Day-shift guards stood at my side. Armed. Magnetic pulse rifles.

Me. Weaponless.
Five years in the arena. Started when I was twelve—not long after my sister died and a few weeks after my incarceration. Even newbs had to learn to duel in Abyss. Earn their keep.

I had nineteen permanent scars to show for it and 5,421 honor points accumulated. Not bad. Needed 79 more.
I was almost out of here.
Ten seconds was announced.

I didn't know what the other inmates thought about before the doors opened. Their families? Those people that had turned them over to the Admin. Deserted them.
We were all forgottens down here.

The Day guards moved a step too close to me, ready to shove me outside. Policy. A lot of inmates needed a nudge . . . shove . . . kick. Whatever.

“Back off,” I said to the Days.

“Relax, 383, just doing our job,” one of them said, but they both gave me an inch more space.

Five seconds.
I was a number. I'd been a number when I lived on the surface too. A different kind. I was one of many contributing to a plague—if overpopulation could be called a plague.

The ground shuttered, a crack of light appeared—a seam in the doors.
Zero seconds.
Metal scraping through a worn track, formed a wide opening, releasing me into solid brightness. The edges of the gauntlet walls were blurred until my eyes adjusted.

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