Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BURN ME by Shelley Watters: Exclusive Excerpt

Shelley Watters is back on the blog this week with an exclusive excerpt from her firefighter romance, BURN ME. It releases today from Swoon Romance. Be sure to grab your copy.
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Burn Me
When Katrina Hale's brother dies in a house fire, she's determined to prove she's stronger than everyone thinks she is. But grief can do strange things to a person and Katrina knows all too well how the death of a loved one can change a person. As the romance in her current relationship fizzles, she focuses on her work and fights the undeniable attraction she has for Greyson Neal.

Firefighter Greyson Neal is the type of guy girls dream about. But Greyson isn't interested in other girls. He wants the one woman he can never have: Katrina. As the two struggle with their feelings, Kat must choose between her career and her heart, and fight to keep them both when an arsonist threatens to take it all away.

“Shut up and sit down.” For such harsh words, his touch was gentle as he lowered her to sit on the bumper. He handed her an oxygen mask, which she pressed against her face and inhaled, effectively camouflaging the hitch in her breath when he shrugged his bunker jacket off his wide shoulders.

She studied his face as he started on removing her bunker jacket. Worry lines etched into his broad forehead, his oh-so-kissable lips stretched tight in a frown. Kat flinched at the direction of her thoughts and averted her gaze. Eric would kick her ass if he knew she was having lusty thoughts about his brother. Hell, she should kick her own ass for thinking of her boyfriend’s brother like that. But it wasn’t her fault the Neal boys had struck the gene pool lottery when it came to looks …

“Seriously, I’m fine.” She tried in vain to stifle the heavy wheeze as she inhaled the pure oxygen. Guilt and unwelcome desire battled deep in her gut as she watched his large, tanned hands deftly unhook her jacket one metal loop at a time. Her eyes traveled up his arms to where his heavily muscled biceps strained at the thin cotton of his Chandler Fire Department t-shirt. His dark brows knitted in concern over his deep brown eyes. She’d never noticed the golden flecks that swirled in their chocolate depths before.

His hands came back up to unzip her jacket. The rip of the metal tines as they released rang in her ears. The air was cool on her overheated skin when the protective jacket fell open. A twinge of self-consciousness made her nipples tighten when the cool air suddenly caressed them through the sweat-soaked cotton of her t-shirt.

Greyson’s hands hesitated for a moment before he shoved the jacket from her shoulders. She rolled her neck as the heavy weight fell away. He finally raised his gaze to hers and something more than concern smoldered in their depths.

About the Author
Shelley Watters grew up in Tucson, Arizona and currently resides Chandler, Arizona. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology with a focus on Women’s Health Issues and continued on to get a Master’s certificate in Public Health Epidemiology. After serving many wonderful years in the public health sector as an Epidemiologist, she left the field to raise her family and re-discovered a long-lost passion: writing. While her days are filled with extra-curricular activities, her nights are devoted to slinging words across the page. Her novels sizzle with the heat and passion that only growing up in the southwest can bring.


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