Monday, March 24, 2014

NestPitch is Coming: Secret Agents, Bunny Masks and more!

April 1st, begins the pitching for NestPitch: a new competition for writers and the brainchild of Nikola Vukoja. When Nik asked me to be a Nest Blogger and explained the rules of the competition, I jumped at the chance. This is unlike any writing contest before. First let's have a look at the rules:
Drafy Nest Pich Logo last stage
There’s a special Easter tradition throughout central and northern Croatia – making Easter Nests. On the afternoon or eve of Easter Saturday children go out into the garden and collect leaves, grass, twigs, flowers and then make a “nest” for the Easter Bunny – that’s where he places his Easter-Egg-Presents. The children go to bed that eve wondering if the Easter Bunny will like or love their nest, because the best nest gets the best and biggest eggs!

#NestPitch is based on this idea where an author’s ‘pitch’ is the nest and the Easter Treats are the Agents requests.

The Agents ‘wear’ Secret Agent Bunny Masks so when they visit your pitch, you’ll not know which agent has liked your Nest Pitch enough to leave you a Treat.

So how does it work?

Submissions open on April 1st. Once Submissions are closed, firstly the SLUSH BILBIES will go through the submissions and pick the top 100-120. Then the NEST BLOGGERS will each pick eight of their best and brightest NESTS and post on their Blogs. This year there are NINE BLOGGERS, that’s 72 opportunities! After that, the SECRECT AGENT BUNNIES will jump from blog site to blog site & leave their Easter Treats.

We also have MAGIC BUNYIPS! Magic Bunyips are Agents who didn’t get a disguise, but after lurking around the blogs, they liked a few nests so much that they too leave a a treat or two.

For more information, and for more clues and surprises as well as a list of the Bloggers, the Bilbies and The Agents check out

Now to the Bunny Masks:
have a drink bunny 
As well as Adult fiction, this Cocktail Bunny wants YA that’s creative and fresh (open to all genres) and has strong characters that are flawed yet unique. Cocktail Bunnies like their Literary/Commercial fiction with a multi-cultural bend, and will curl up with their big curly-furred dog to read smart, intelligent Mysteries and Thrillers and historical fiction. Cocktail Bunnies have a low threshold for overdone.

bookworm bunny(2) BOOKWORM BUNNY
Bookworm Bunny is looking for Psychological Suspense with a twist (think THE OTHERS), dark, creepy, hair-raising YA & NA, clever mysteries with a keen sense of place, humorous MG series, and contemporary Romances and Women’s Fiction of all descriptions.

giant bunny(3) GIANT BUNNY
This Giant Bunny really likes animals, Supernatural (the TV show), and Loki from the Avengers.  Giant Bunny is extremely chatty on-line and very open about their style of agenting.  Giant Bunny also recently got a serious hair cut; that’s a big clue!  When not adopting new furry friends, Giant Bunny likes to read the gamut – Picture Books, MG, YA, Adult, Romance even PB’s for adults – hehehe

laptop bunny(4) LAPTOP BUNNY

This Laptop Bunny wants innovative MG and YA projects with a pull towards more historical settings although a modern, emotional story would be welcome.  Also loves contemporary Romance and Women’s Fiction and anything that really manages to surprise me.

mad scinetist bunny

Mad Scientist Bunnies would naturally want non-fiction, but can you believe it, this Mad Scientist is also looking for YA, MG, Adult Mysteries/Thrillers and literary fiction too – Even a Mad Scientist’s enjoy a good bit of fiction – now, can you guess who this Mad Scientist is?

soccer bunny
Soccer Bunnies Like romance?  Who Knew? Well, this Soccer Bunny does like Romance, especially contemporary and historical (has a soft spot for Regency), YA sci-fi/fantasy, contemporary, historical–particularly partial to YA with, you guessed it, romance!

juggler bunny(7) JUGGLER BUNNY 
As the name suggests, this Juggler Bunny has a lot going on, balls in the air anyone?  But they still have time for great writing and new Clients, as long as they are MG and YA; open to any genre within those age groups, but prefers speculative fiction.
No idea who Juggler Bunny is?  Here’s a clue, could you spell this Agent’s name without looking?

ninja bunnyHaaa-Yah! Ninja Bunny wish list: My main big wishes are brilliant storytelling and inspiring or heart-breaking characters; I want to feel like I’m living, not reading, the story. Also anything that brings me to tears either through love, fear or sadness would be wonderful – Sounds like this Ninja likes a good cry after beating up the bad-guys!

artist bunny
This Artist Bunny is super hungry for MG/ YA/ Adult Romance, Fantasy and wants to curl up on the sofa with a great Mystery.  And this Agent Bunny knows the business from both sides of the process;…and that’s a big clue :) 

Oh, and don’t panic if you don’t see your genre or category, these are TOP agents who work for AWESOME agencies, eight agencies to be accurate, trust me, their colleagues are watching, and waiting, and intending to leave treats under these Bunny Masks.

I can’t tell you who they are; but we do have 4 confirmed Magic Bunyips lurking…
    baby bunyip
  • Purple Bunyip
  • Yellow Bunyip
  • Green Bunyip
  • Blue Bunyip 
This means, if a Bunyip sees a *NEST* they simply MUST HAVE, they’ll whisper a special code word to me and I’ll let them leave their own unique treat.

Phew! this has been a BIG post.
You know what to do right?
  • bunny in nestGet your 35-word pitch sharpened by joining us at the Post-it-Forward clinic.
  • Polish your Manuscript until it sparkles with fairy dust.
  • Submit on the 1st of April.
  • Play along with Unmasking the Agents!

Oh…and a few final thoughts:
(i) if you come across an agent or a blogger or a bilby on Twitter or wherever, thank them for being part of this.  They all give of their free time.
(ii) Play nice; art is subjective and therefore not everyone agrees all the time.  Remember that when talking to or about anyone involved.
(iii) spread the word, the more that play the bigger the fun


  1. This looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing all the great info on your blog. Good luck to all entrants! :)

    1. It's going to be a lot of fun! Thanks for reading. :D

  2. This is just too awesome. Spreading the word now and I just might have to get my pitch ready. ;)