Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bionic Eyes: Seeing Differently

You may have noticed a small change on the blog this week. My avatar has changed...          
The reason? LASIK surgery. After debating back and forth for several years, I finally decided to go ahead with the procedure. I'm only a few days out, but it's already incredible. Even the concept of being able to see without glasses or contacts still seems surreal. But, it's amazing! For those wondering about the procedure, I detail my experience below.
The initial consultation included an eye exam and a grading system to see if I was a candidate. My doctor only accepts patients that have a grade of 0 or 1, which is the least possible risk. After I was deemed fit for the surgery, I scheduled the appointment. Five days before, I went back to the doctor for him to confirm my candidacy and do more tests. Everything was easy, just like a normal eye exam. He put in some drops to dilate my eyes and check the thickness of my cornea. All went well.
Totally Zen
The day of the surgery, hubs took me. I was given a Valium to help relax, but honestly, I wasn't nervous. It had all been so easy. The nurse then took me into a room where the doctor checked my eyes again and took measurements for the machine. When it was time for the surgery, I sat in a chair that reclined into a horizontal position. The doctor started with the right eye and covered the left. He placed two strips of tape on the upper and lower lids, then the thin clamp held the eye open. It didn't hurt! Promise. Some numbing drops later, I was ready to go.
Awesome Laser light show!
The doctor used suction on the eye. It was the most uncomfortable part. Basically, it was a lot of pressure and slightly painful, but only for a minute or so. Finally, the laser show began. I concentrated on a blinking green and red light, which turned purple during the laser part of the surgery. The laser was so easy! All I kept saying to the doctor was, "this is so cool!" I felt a little like a kid, but it just amazed me. By the time, he started on the left eye, it felt as if no time had passed at all.
Bionic Eyes
So, if you're wondering about doing it, I say, go for it! I still love glasses, but now I can use them as a fashion accessory instead of a necessity. After almost twenty-five years, I can say that I'm officially seeing differently. :)

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  1. Congratulations! I did it years ago and it is the best thing I've ever done for myself. Good for you!!!

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