Sunday, February 2, 2014

All the News: 2013 Recap

Here's a look back at the 2013 year in review.

December 2013

The year has flown past and it seems impossible that we're staring December in the face. But, here it is once again. 2013 has been kind. I've been lucky enough to have A TOUCH OF DARKNESS published and out now in the hands of readers. I hope you'll consider picking up a copy.

The paranormal romantic suspense book, CODE BLACK, has gotten such positive feedback. I'm hopeful it will be out to readers soon, but I'm considering different options for it. Finally, the end of the year has seen a switch for me in expanding to a new genre and age group, the currently untitled, NA contemporary romance. I'm excited to finish this WIP and have it to the agent at the start of 2014.

All in all, it's been a great year.

November 2013

Guess what has returned for November? That's right! It's Pitch Wars! Woot! Mentor Ninja returns to help writers polish those queries and first pages in preparation for agent rounds. It's a Team Ninja year!
Couple that with being on deadline for the new NA WIP, Thanksgiving, and holiday shopping and it's a busy busy winter. 

October 2013

So much news! First, A TOUCH OF DARKNESS will have events all month long and through December for the release on October 31st! That's right! It's coming out on Halloween! Woot! Check out the events here for a chance to win ARCs, copies, and gift cards.

Next, the blog redesign has finally been narrowed down to the top three options. To vote on which one you like best and see the choices click here. I'll be launching the chosen design with AToD's Book Birthday on Halloween!

Finally, after much thought and conversation, I've decided to give a new genre a try. So, all this winter I'll be writing a New Adult contemporary romance! Details to come.

September 2013

A TOUCH OF DARKNESS has a cover! Yelena and I are a bit bogged down in marketing for the book, but we're still working on Secret Project.

Blog design has been delayed, but still in the works. I've decided to let it be readers pick! So, look for the new design layouts soon and cast your vote.

August 2013

Remember the secret news I've been mentioning well...forever? It's finally revealed! Yelena and I have signed a deal with E-Lit Books for A TOUCH OF DARKNESS! More details coming soon.

In the mean time, new blog header should go up some time at the beginning of September and I may have even more news by then. Summer may be ending, but the party is just getting started!

July 2013

Finished the re-design on the blog header, but still not happy with it, so must do some more tweaking before going live with it. And...have SECRET NEWS! Cannot wait to share it with you. Hopefully, soon!

June 2013

Some changes are planned on the blog this month. Doing a complete redesign on the header in an effort to brand better. Also considering a new pen name for some projects to help distinguish between different genres and audience age groups. Finally, writing up blurbs for books 1-3 in the CODE BLACK series, so another busy month in the works.

May 2013

Wow? It's May already? How did that happen? Let's see... #secretproject is coming along nicely. Really can't wait to have this one finished and out to beta readers and agents. Fun one. Close to finishing RED ALERT, finally! And looking forward to working on VALHALLA CITY. YA WIP is taking a back seat at the moment, but it's still a possibility. All in all busy, busy.

April 2013

All over the place. Yup. That about sums it up. WIPs, editing finished works, brainstorming ideas, and oh, side project creating pre-made book covers for self-published authors. I may be in over my head.

March 2013

A hex upon all YA authors! GAH! I officially have too many YA author friends and they've corrupted me. A third WIP is in the works, despite my best efforts to keep it in the idea folder. This teenage character won't leave me alone and now...I have a YA WIP! You heard me, right. A young adult work in progress. So, even though it is against my better judgement to take on yet another project, this particular story insists on being YA. This shall be interesting. :)

February 2013

Pitch Wars is over, but I'm still working away on feedback for my mentees. I also signed up for the Love Scene Workshop and will be offering critiques around Valentine's Day. I have two WIPs, one is #secretproject with Yelena, and the other is RED ALERT. Secret Project is gaining momentum, and first draft of RED ALERT should be completed in the next few months. I also have three SNIs (shiny new ideas) in various stages of outline and draft. All in all it's a busy start to 2013.

January 2013

The Zombie Apocalypse didn't happen in 2012, and I'm kind of disappointed. I was looking forward to wielding a samurai sword and taking out some zombies Walking Dead style. Although, I am not a fan of fending in the wilderness for food and supplies, and really no indoor plumbing? Uh-huh. Not for me. So...

It's onward to 2013 and another new year of writing. I've got so many projects in the works, my head is spinning, but it's all good things. I'll tell you a secret... 2013 is my goal year. I promised myself when I began querying my first project *cough* years ago that I would land a publishing deal by this year. It was a silly promise to be sure as so much is out of a writer's control. But, I feel closer now than ever, and believe--with luck--this is going to be the year. :) And if not...

Well, I'll keep a lookout for the zombies. ;)

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