Friday, October 4, 2013

Freaky Friday: The Pact

In The Pact two sisters must face the painful memories of abuse as they return to their childhood home after their mother's death. Eldest sister Nicole argues for visiting the house, but soon goes missing upon a webcam conversation with her daughter that ends with, "Momma, who is that behind you?" She searches a cracked door--that had been closed before--and fades into a black void.
Cue the return of younger sister, Annie. Riding into town on a motorbike with her mismatched eyes of green and blue, she dismisses the disappearance of her sister despite some unsettling circumstances. But, when her cousin Liz shows up with Nicole's daughter in tow, Annie is relieved not to have to face things alone. The first night in the house, however, Liz goes missing and Annie is attacked by a poltergeist. Grabbing her baby niece, she races out of the house and barely manages to escape alive. Now, Annie is the only one left for the little girl, her niece. She must figure out what happened if either of them hope to see their family again.
The setup seemed promising, but the film is so disjointed. We have random scenes at the sheriff's office, a motel, a coffee shop, a mechanic shop and so on. None of which feels relevant or progresses the story along. Then, at total random, Annie..seeks help from a blind medium who also happens to be a friend of a high school friend. Ah sure. Seven degrees to the blind psychic. Let's go for an old priest and a young priest while we're at it.
The plot spins out of control. The niece is totally irrelevant. We didn't need two women missing, one would have been fine. The cop, whose name I don't even remember, but played by Casper Van Dien, is useless. (Side note: time has not been kind to poor Casper. He's only 44 but looks closer to retirement and social security.) And finally, the ambiguous ghost gets annoying fast. Add in about a dozen cliches too. Oh and I also figured out most of the mystery half way in. Overall, yawn.

Rating: D+

PS At one point the obligatory crucifix falls off the wall causing hubs to cry out, "Christ almighty". To which I replied, "Literally". With this we promptly played Mystery Science Theater and the commentary became more fun than the movie.

Have you ever played Mystery Science Theater? What's your favorite horror movie cliche?

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