Friday, August 16, 2013

Freaky Friday: Grave Encounters 2

Grave Encounters 2 begins with a bunch of vloggers reviewing the first film. *Chuckles* I appreciate a movie that can make fun of itself. All of the vloggers have decent things to say except for college student and amateur filmmaker, Alex. Then, we're shown cuts of a Halloween party and Alex sitting alone in his bedroom. Friends convince him to dress in drag and come to the party. He gets overly drunk and spouts he's the next Wes Craven. Puking soon ensues.
Afterward, he starts filming his own movie, only to start getting messages from an unknown YouTube stalker called DeathAwaits about Grave Encounters. He soon becomes obsessed with tracking down the actors, producers, etc. from the first film. And he inevitably finds the story he's looking for...Grave Encounters is "real" found footage.

Despite getting the full scoop from the producer, Alex is determined to get proof and make the next documentary/horror flick of the century. So he convinces his friends and teen film crew to head to Canada and investigate the mental hospital (setting of the original film). Lets analyze that for a moment: he believes that the original film crew all died and a massive coverup followed, so the solution is...put themselves in the exact same situation as the missing and probably dead crew. Genius indeed.
He's waiting!
As they wait inside the abandoned mental hospital awaiting DeathAwaits (yeah, I know, more genius), they discover a huge spirit board created from the table. Parker Bros. has nothing on them. Unknowingly, they start communicating with the very "man" they'd been waiting to meet. Lets just say, now the film gets interesting.

When a Rent-a-Cop breaks up the party, he tells the scared teens to "wait right here". Classic. As the security guard goes upstairs to check on the noises, gunshots are heard and then...nothing. The teens go to investigate and quickly realize they're screwed. The best part is they're allowed just enough hope, but not too much.
"Wait Right Here" almost as bad as "I'll be Right Back"
Alas, the last quarter of the movie goes overboard. Same affliction the first film suffered. Though, the clip at the end is clever. [Spoiler Alert: Highlight with mouse to see] They show a very quick series of numbers and if you were paying attention (unlike my hubs) you'd know this is supposed to be the coordinates of the mental hospital. If the Vicious Brothers would learn some restraint and change that awful name, they'd be talented horror directors.

Rating: C

PS During a pivotal point in the film our TV turned off. It happens sometimes, but hubs and I both laughed about it. I proposed making GE3. Hubs was not amused.

What do you think of the found footage or documentary-style horror? 

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