Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We interrupt this blog break to bring you something spectacular...a cover reveal! It's A TOUCH OF DARKNESS by Yelena Casale and yours truly. Absolutely thrilled to share the cover with you all!
Release Date: This Fall
Publisher: E-Lit Books
Genre: Urban Fantasy

If you'd like to help us reveal the cover, please feel free to re-blog, tweet, facebook, instagram, pin it, shout it from the rooftops, etc.
Bonus points for creativity!

About A Touch of Darkness
Cassie’s working for a tightwad boss at a pretentious NYC diner, dealing with paralyzing pain that doctors can’t diagnose, and trying to hide her hands that glow purple whenever she ...well, whenever.

So, when a mysterious stranger walks out of her dreams and into her life to spout some nonsense about her being a mythical creature, she chalks it up to one more crazy thing to add to her it’s-a-crappy-life list. Yet, when the stranger’s predictions start to come true, she discovers a world that could shake up her humdrum existence.

About the Authors
Becoming fast friends and martial arts sisters, Yelena and Tina soon discovered their passion for writing. However, in the past, both of them had hit road blocks in their individual writing careers, and they knew the answer to their problems might be found in their friendship. For a full Q&A with Yelena and Tina, check out E-Lit Books.

Thanks so much for all of your support! Yelena and I are super excited to have this book in the hands of readers very soon.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blog Break and Redesign Update

Hi everyone! Dropping a quick note to let you know the blog will be on hiatus for the next two weeks. Starting mid-September, I'll be back with a complete redesign. Mark your calendars as the overhaul swings into full effect. Until then...
Don't be afraid to "lego" of the past to embrace the future. ;) 
May the Force be with you!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Freaky Friday: Grave Encounters 2

Grave Encounters 2 begins with a bunch of vloggers reviewing the first film. *Chuckles* I appreciate a movie that can make fun of itself. All of the vloggers have decent things to say except for college student and amateur filmmaker, Alex. Then, we're shown cuts of a Halloween party and Alex sitting alone in his bedroom. Friends convince him to dress in drag and come to the party. He gets overly drunk and spouts he's the next Wes Craven. Puking soon ensues.
Afterward, he starts filming his own movie, only to start getting messages from an unknown YouTube stalker called DeathAwaits about Grave Encounters. He soon becomes obsessed with tracking down the actors, producers, etc. from the first film. And he inevitably finds the story he's looking for...Grave Encounters is "real" found footage.

Despite getting the full scoop from the producer, Alex is determined to get proof and make the next documentary/horror flick of the century. So he convinces his friends and teen film crew to head to Canada and investigate the mental hospital (setting of the original film). Lets analyze that for a moment: he believes that the original film crew all died and a massive coverup followed, so the solution is...put themselves in the exact same situation as the missing and probably dead crew. Genius indeed.
He's waiting!
As they wait inside the abandoned mental hospital awaiting DeathAwaits (yeah, I know, more genius), they discover a huge spirit board created from the table. Parker Bros. has nothing on them. Unknowingly, they start communicating with the very "man" they'd been waiting to meet. Lets just say, now the film gets interesting.

When a Rent-a-Cop breaks up the party, he tells the scared teens to "wait right here". Classic. As the security guard goes upstairs to check on the noises, gunshots are heard and then...nothing. The teens go to investigate and quickly realize they're screwed. The best part is they're allowed just enough hope, but not too much.
"Wait Right Here" almost as bad as "I'll be Right Back"
Alas, the last quarter of the movie goes overboard. Same affliction the first film suffered. Though, the clip at the end is clever. [Spoiler Alert: Highlight with mouse to see] They show a very quick series of numbers and if you were paying attention (unlike my hubs) you'd know this is supposed to be the coordinates of the mental hospital. If the Vicious Brothers would learn some restraint and change that awful name, they'd be talented horror directors.

Rating: C

PS During a pivotal point in the film our TV turned off. It happens sometimes, but hubs and I both laughed about it. I proposed making GE3. Hubs was not amused.

What do you think of the found footage or documentary-style horror? 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Secret News...Revealed!

At last, I can reveal the news I've been dying to share with you all! Yelena and I have been waiting for what feels like forever to tell you...

We signed a deal with E-Lit Books for A TOUCH OF DARKNESS!!!
We even got to sign our contract digitally! How cool is that?
Check out more from Yelena's blog!
More details to follow soon.

Thank you so much for your cheers and support. The community of writers and readers is by far the best in the world. We are so excited for this opportunity and can't wait for the book to be in readers' hands.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Freaky Friday: Greystone Park

Greystone Park opens with a semi ominous warning from an old woman (grandmother?) not to visit this abandoned asylum. It cuts to a new scene that flashes "Two weeks ago". Then, it's followed by a quick series of a ghost hunting team investigating the asylum interspersed with news footage of the mental hospital's operating days - people screaming, twitching from electro shock therapy, and crying. This opening detracts more than it adds as I have no connection with the characters, so I really don't care yet what happens to them.
The film flashes to the back story of the ghost hunting team. A groups sits around a table telling "ghost" stories, then we're in a library and told a Medusa myth, and finally we're in the car listening to them argue about legends and folklore. Yawn.  I'm already bored and we're only about ten minutes in. Doesn't bode well.

The most exciting event thus far is that hubs and I recognized the area in Jersey they filmed at least part--if not all--of the film. Hubs wanted to turn it off fifteen minutes after it started, but I argued to wait until they got to the asylum. My bad.
We get yet more back story about the asylum, while they play with knives and a "real" Spartan sword (I wish I was joking, but no. Apparently, the director has a penchant for Greek myths.) All of which is boring, since it's being told and not shown. And we're still not at the mental hospital at the twenty minute mark.

When we finally get to the asylum, hubs remarks, "Why would the lights be on?" In uncanny timing, one of the characters asks the same thing! To which the other replies, "It's the generators." Um. Okay. Why would generators be on in an abandoned building? Sadly, no one answers my question. They also have to walk through a graveyard (it's the only way in) and disarm a motion detector. I had no idea abandoned buildings had such great security. Although, personally, I think a moat would be much better than a graveyard, preferably filled with alligators. Since we know alligators are indigenous to Jersey. ;)
Beware the Jersey Gator!
Oh look, we're in the asylum. Only took twenty-five minutes into our ninety minute movie. I guess I should pay attention now. Bathtub. Drawing of a face with no eyes. Hey, another drawing with the Freemason symbol.Why do they always get a bad wrap? Anyway, they also found a cassette , doll heads, and mannequin legs. Double yawn.
Dolls, dolls, everywhere.
Flickering lights. Shaking camera. Babbling ghost hunter. The old time horror music is a nice throwback. Now, an insistence by one of the crew that "they have to go to the kitchen". "Why?" the other asks. "Cause that's where they eat." Oooo...kay. The newest theory is the people got turned into dolls. And they find a raggedy Ann doll. And then, more dolls. And yet...more dolls. Next, they find a spot to play the cassette. Flapper style Jazz music. Text message from unknown people aka ghosts reading, "Jesus wept". He's not the only one. I'm about ready to cry from boredom.

The best part of Greystone Park is this dark figure that keeps appearing on camera, but the characters can't see. Alas, the facts behind the mental facility (see PS below) and the making of this film's extra info (check out interviews with director, Sean Stone aka Oliver Stone's son) are better than the actual movie.

Rating: D

PS Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital was an actual mental hospital in New Jersey. It closed in 2003, a decision by the governor, due to negative press. Incidents of sexual abuse, poor patient care, and overcrowding prompted the closure.  A new operating facility bearing the same name stands on the original grounds.

What do you think of the documentary style horror flicks? How about Stone's take on it, "meta-realism"?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SEBASTIAN FALLS by Celeste Holloway

Being a writer allows me some awesome perks, such as getting to read amazing books before they're published! SEBASTIAN FALLS by Celeste Holloway happens to be one of said amazing books and I got to read it in the beta phase. Now, you can read it too! Pick up your copy today, but first check out the cover and blurb.
Available Now
Amazon, B&N,  

About Sebastian Falls
A year after her parents’ death, seventeen-year-old, Meadow Parker is close to having a grave of her own.

Beyond her shrink’s false diagnosis of PTSD, there’s no medical reason for her failing health. Only she knows the cause. But if Meadow told the truth—told them what comes for her at night—they’d lock her in a padded cell.

Grasping to help her find closure, Meadow’s best friend, Casey Somner, drags her to the place her parents were obsessed with—the historical landmark that fuels Meadow’s fears and nightmares.

Once Meadow steps foot on the hallowed ground, she has a supernatural encounter that leaves her stricken with terror, but charged with power, fulfilling the legendary prophesy about the coming of The Keeper.

Both the holy and the unholy have waited over a hundred years for a new Keeper to resurface. Like it or not, Meadow’s destiny as Keeper is sealed, and the battle for her soul begins. A sharp double-edged sword, she will either save the world from Armageddon or fast track its annihilation.

About the Author
When Celeste isn’t writing, she might be found snuggled up, kid on one side, cat on the other, trying to read a book. She’s a non-recovering perfume addict living a small town life in Arkansas, but dreams of world travel. If she ever gets rich and famous, her first stop is Rome.
A former hairstylist, she recently tossed her scissors to embark on a career as a full time writer. It was a huge leap of faith, but she has no regrets. If you’d like to learn more about Celeste, visit her blog, Words Done Write or send her a friend request on Facebook.

Find her here:

Good luck to Celeste and Sebastian Falls! Don't forget to pick up your copy available now!

Friday, August 2, 2013

SORROW'S POINT by Danielle DeVor:
Cover Reveal

You know her as the Fearless Blogger! Today, I'm featuring Danielle DeVor on a special edition of Freaky Friday to share with you the striking--and creepy--cover for her book, Sorrow's Point! Privileged to read this awesome exorcism tale before it hits stores, I can safely tell you, this is not one to miss!
Release Date: October 15, 2013
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Genre: Dark Fantasy

About Sorrow's Point
Not all exorcists are created equal- especially those that are “marked”.
When defrocked ex-priest, Jimmy Holiday, agrees to help an old friend with his sick daughter, Lucy, Jimmy doesn’t expect the horrors that await him. Blackmoor, his friend’s new residence, rests upon the outskirts of the town of Sorrow’s Point. The mansion’s history of magic, mayhem, and death makes it almost a living thing – a haunted mansion straight out of Flowers in the Attic. Jimmy must decide if Lucy is only ill, or if the haunting of the house and her apparent possession is real.
After the house appears to affect him as well; seeing colors of magic when rooms of the house are warded by a witch and his voice taking on a power he doesn’t understand, Jimmy is met by a transient who tells him he has “the Mark”. Whatever being “marked” means, Jimmy doesn’t care. All he wants to do is help Lucy. Helping Lucy means performing the exorcism.
Jimmy knows the ceremony, but it's belief that matters. And if a demon is using a little girl as a meatsuit, his faith had better be strong enough to kick it back to Hell. Otherwise, he might damn them both.

About the Author

You know me here best as the Official Fearless Blogger. I love anything horror, I used to dance ballet, and I can play the harp. I also have an obsession with mocha frappuccinos.

Find her here:

How creepy and cool is the cover? Thrilled to see this one about to be out in the world. Be sure to mark your calendars. This October is going to be a scream with Sorrow's Point!