Friday, July 26, 2013

Freaky Friday: The Conjuring

Our Fearless Blogger is back again with a stellar review on the newest horror flick in theaters now...The Conjuring!
"With as cynical as I’ve gotten about horror movies as of late, it was a pleasant surprise to be faced with a good one for a change. In this case, I’m talking about The Conjuring (2013). I was skeptical going in because most possession and exorcism movies lately have had things that didn’t make sense or were just plain stupid—think the Darth Maul demon or the gas mask wearing medium in Insidious (2010).
The Story: The Perron family moves into a new house, but the house is haunted by several spirits. After getting the crap scared out of them, the family contacts Ed and Lorraine Warren (demonologists and paranormal investigators) to help them solve the problem, but things aren’t that easy. But then, they never are.

Lesson Learned: Beware of creepy music boxes and dolls.

Semi-Spoiler: I was seriously impressed by the use of the real Latin Roman Ritual of Exorcism- which was appropriate for the time period of the movie. A lot of exorcists still swear by it and do not use the new version. They claim the new version doesn’t work. *cue creepy music*

Also, because this movie focuses on the Warrens- who were real life demonologists and paranormal experts, instead of the family, the movie feels more real. This was reinforced by the Warrens being skeptical of the haunting and going about the investigation of several hauntings portrayed in the movie prior to helping the Perron family.
Doll used in film. Click on link below for real doll.
It is interesting to note that the doll in the movie, Annabelle, is a real doll. The one in the movie is not the real one. The real one is kept in a box in the Warren’s paranormal museum. Ed Warren died in 2006, but Lorraine is still living and still keeps all the artifacts from all their cases.

I don’t want to give too much away, but this is the first horror film in recent years that has me excited.

Rating: A"

Awesome review! Films take on a whole new layer of meaning when they're based on true events, turning up the creep factor. Have you seen The Conjuring? What do you all think of the movie? 


  1. I need to get to the theater for this one! Great review! Everyone I've spoken to is raving about this movie.

  2. The doll alone makes me shudder. I've got to see this one! Thanks for the heads up on it.