Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A to Z Poetry by Fida Islaih

Fida Islaih is on the blog today to discuss her new campaign to publish a 100-poem collection. This wonderful poet needs your help to make this dream a reality. Here she is to tell us about it in her own words.
"Poetry is a passion of mine. Readers get to see who I am through my work. Free verse is mostly what I write and that's what you will be seeing. There will be about 100 poems and ordered alphabetically, A to Z.

Being a multicultural Muslim, some poems will be sharing the two cultures I am from and how I love and handle it. My poems will be showcasing the different aspects of being a Muslim. They will mention a lot about having faith in God. I talk about wearing the headscarf, praying and fasting.

Other poems are showing how school was sometimes frustrating. It is about either the workload and or having a disability. In a way my poems may help you improve yourself and your outlook on life.

More of the poems do not fall into those above categories. I share the beauty of nature. Some poems are comparisons between us and nature or a part of nature with another. The rainbow has a feature in the collection where there is a poem for each color. There is a bit of sadness and humor in the collection. Drawing and other sports are featured in a few poems. Even a pen gets a poem. Some poems are just for entertainment.

You can find an excerpt on the website and hopefully support me:"

Please help support Fida's dream. What or who is your favorite poem or poet?


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    1. Thanks for sharing with us! Good luck with your poetry collection!