Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time to Pick the Winner...

In February, LynDee Walker shared an extended excerpt from her Mystery novel, Front Page Fatality. She graciously offered a copy of her eBook as prize in the blog contest and...I forgot to pick a winner! So, today, using Rafflecopter to pick the name out of the proverbial hat, the winner is...
Congratulations! I'll be emailing you with the details. 
Now for a reminder of where you can find Front Page Fatality.

Crime reporter Nichelle Clarke’s days can flip from macabre to comical with a beep of her police scanner. Then an ordinary accident story turns extraordinary when evidence goes missing, a prosecutor vanishes, and a sexy Mafia boss shows up with the headline tip of a lifetime. As Nichelle gets closer to the truth, her story gets more dangerous.Armed with a notebook, a hunch, and her favorite stilettos, Nichelle races to splash these shady dealings across the front page before this deadline becomes her last.

LynDee Walker
Publication Date:  January 29, 2013
Publisher: Henery Press
ISBN: 978-1938383120
Pages: 292 Pages
Genre: Mystery

Fountain Bookstore (get a signed copy and support a great indie bookshop!)

If you haven't already snagged your copy of Front Page Fatality, I highly encourage you to pick this one up!

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