Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sharing is Caring: The Liebster Award

Big THANK YOU to Jana Grissom at A Novel Reality 
for this Liebster Award. 
Blogging is about making connections with writers and readers across the blog-o-sphere. For this Writer Wednesday, I'm celebrating with an award! In the spirit of connecting with others, the Liebster Award allows us to give glimpses into our lives and then pass on the honor to others. Today, I'm sharing with you 11 fun facts about me, answering my nominator's questions, and tagging 11 new bloggers for the award.

Eleven Fun Facts About Tina:
1. Mistakes eleven and elven. Tempted to post eleven elven facts today. 
2. Nickname from father-in-law: Mossy. It's a name and an attitude.
3. J. Hubs, the secret identity of her hubby, is also her high school sweetheart. Aww.
4. Chocolate is her lifestyle choice. Don't judge.
5. Suffers from Neurotic Writer Syndrome.
6. Cooking abilities range from non-existent to burns water.
7. Ninja skills are unmatched, except by her writing partner, Yelena Casale.
8. Considers talking about herself in the third person, fun.
9. Freakish phobia of mirrors. Can't look into them without lights on.
10. Collects tofu plushies. Google 'em. They're adorable.
11. Loves corgis. In case, you couldn't tell. ;)

Eleven Questions:
1. Where were you born? New York
2. What is your favorite restaurant? Jose Tejas (amazing Mexican food)
3. Do you believe in angels? Yes
4. Are you a Troglodyte or Celestial? I think I'm Celestial?
 5. How many people are in your family? Lots.
6. When do you find time to blog? Try to blog twice per week.
7. Who do you want to be like when you grow up? Do I have to grow up?
8. What is your best tip for new bloggers? Have fun with it!
9. Is anything better than chocolate? Nope.
10. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say; cheese? Heaven.
11. What is your favorite childhood memory? Reading with my grandmother.

Now for the new nominees:

Your new questions:
1. Who is the author you admire most?
2. Why do you write (in five words or less)?
3. What is your favorite genre to read?
4. Who is your biggest inspiration?
5. What advice would you give to new writers?
6. What is your favorite hobby?
7. Are you a cat or dog person?
8. Where is your ideal vacation spot?
9. What is a place you want to visit, but haven't yet?
10.What is the meaning of life in one word (or number) *wink*?
11. If you're on a desert island, what are three things you must have?

The Liebster Rules:
1. The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by bloggers.
2. Each blogger should post 11 facts about himself / herself.
3. Each blogger should answer the 11 questions that are asked by the nominating blogger.
4. Choose 11 new bloggers to nominate for the Award and link to them in the post.
5. Create 11 new questions for your nominees.
6. Go back to their pages and tell them they’ve been nominated.
7. No tag backs.

If you'd like to participate, feel free to snag the questions and begin your own round of the Liebster Awards!


  1. Squee!! Thank you so much for the tag, Tina! I love the facts about you. So much fun! Now I gotta come up with some great answers to your questions this weekend :)

  2. Thanks for tagging me! It's fun to learn more about you. :)

    1. Looking forward to reading your answers, and love your blog BTW!

    2. Thanks :)

      (Can you tell I'm back to make sure I have all I need for my post? I'll be sure to let you know when it's up.)

  3. Yay, so excited, thank you, Tee! Even though I know all the facts about you already (I think), I still love reading them! :D I'm going to post in response to this tomorrow, probably.

    1. You didn't know about chocolate. It is a heavily guarded secret. Really. ;) Have fun!

  4. It's an honor just to be nominated. ;) I used to burn water too! And nope, I say you definitely don't have to grow up.

  5. I suck, lol! When I got your tweet about this, I was just coming off a "first round of edits high", so I totally duh-ed out! Thanks so much for tagging me! Even though I missed the boat, I feel special because you thought of me.

    And I think mirrors are freaky too! :)

  6. Hi Tina, my post is up. Thanks again for thinking of me.

    My link