Friday, April 19, 2013

Freaky Friday: Fear Island

Cops chase down a teenage girl, played by Haylie Duff, through the woods. When they finally catch up and take her in, she's put through an interrogation. Unfortunately, she remembers nothing...not even her name.
Fear Island is told through the flashbacks and recollections of the sole survivor. Five friends come to the island to celebrate a last hoorah before they all head off to college. However, someone seems to be set on turning their fun into terror. Could it be boat driver, Keith? Or fifteen year old half-dressed stowaway, Megan? Maybe it's the pet chihuahua, Pierre! My money's on the dog.

I only look sweet and innocent.
The byplay between the cop and the forensic psychologist as they try to piece together Jenna's fractured memories is pointless. The scenes on the actual island with the teens are more interesting. The voiceover questions by the cop, however are especially annoying, but thankfully not too prevalent. Plus, I really don't care what skeletons are in the cop's closet.
Do share your backstory. It is so bloody interesting.
Now, I know horror flicks often depict teens in a...well, not so favorable light. But this group really takes the cake. The choices they make from the beginning are questionable at best. For example, if a killer is loose on the island taking out people and one of your friends turns up dead, are you really going to worry about her body decomposing and stick her in a freezer? Yeah, I'm going to go with NO.
Hey girl. Don't worry, I got your dead head covered.
All that said, I did enjoy the film. Worth catching it on DVR or adding to your Netflix queue, but don't wast money on a rental. The scares are nothing spectacular and the story not so unique, but it's well done for what it is and the ending is...killer!

Rating: B+


  1. It had a decent cast, but I thought the movie was badly written. The only reason I kept watching was the opportunity to stare at Martin Cummins (the cop). I'm a longtime fan and he's just not in enough.
    Fel Wetzig, The Peasants Revolt

  2. Haha. "Killer ending". Sometimes horror movies are fun not to scream but to laugh. :)