Friday, April 5, 2013

Freaky Friday: The Caller

The opening setup of The Caller gives us a picture of what would be a stalker-esque horror flick. And in some ways, it is, but not by the stalker you think. A pretty young blonde, Mary (Rachelle Lefevre), moves into an old, worn-down apartment during a messy divorce. Creepy hopefully soon-to-be ex drops off what should be the final divorce papers, but is actually a wedding photo of them...with "Until death to us part" written on the back. Stalker, right? Not quite.
If frustrating divorce and potential serial killer ex isn't bad enough, Mary deals with calls from a crazy lady who insists on speaking to Bobby. Rose aka crazy-phone-lady sucks Mary into a conversation by claiming she's a spurned lover of Bobby. The call turns strange-err when Rose insists Bobby promised to marry her after he got back from Vietnam and the callback number is unavailable. Now, if it were me, I'd change my number--and probably my apartment--pronto. Mary instead decides to take a class in conversational French. Ah, what?
Wee, wee call-argh! LOL. I miss rotary phones.
On the plus side, however, she does meet Prof. John aka Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) from True Blood while stumbling into the wrong classroom. As the movie progresses, I can't decide who is crazier: psycho stalker ex-husband, loopy-killer-caller, would-be-boyfriend-professor or Mary herself. The mystery is intriguing, but I don't believe Prof. John buying into the whole time-changing theory--even if he is a self-proclaimed Trekkie.
The space time continuum is a paradox.
The pacing is painfully slow, but when it picks up...oh my. The premise is so different. The idea of a past person invading and changing the present timeline is super creepy. Could have been done much better with a stronger actress and--I can't believe I'm going to say this--less subtle scares. Usually, I'm all about the subtle, but this film was too quiet. The duel between Mary and Rose kept me watching. It manages to develop into an all out tug-of-war, chess match with no clear winner, even at the end.

Rating: B-

What do you think of a time-bending horror flick? Interesting twist or not-so-scary?


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  2. This doesn't look half bad. I've learned that some movies are worth a second look. Two that I really enjoyed that didn't look like big blockbusters were The Woman in Black and Awakening. Perhaps I'll give this one a shot.