Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All the News: 2012 Recap

Here's a look back at the 2012 year in review.

December 2012

I'm editing a new revision for CODE BLACK, beta reading for my Pitch Wars mentee, working on "secret project" with co-writer Yelena Casale, writing the last third of RED ALERT, and plotting new novellas. The WINTER WONDERS charity anthology also had its book birthday this month, so I'm actively marketing for that project. Oh and the holidays are here. That means family, friends, and food! It's a great--and busy--time of year. Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

November 2012

All is quiet here, except for these two words...Pitch Wars! I am the Mentor Ninja. Check out the news here.

October 2012

After light saber threats in August, I convinced...cajoled...bribed agents with cupcakes...to let me revise CODE BLACK just one more itty bitty time. The good news, I actually feel like it's really done this time. This will probably last for another month or so, before I get the itch to revise again. But for now, it's the last edits. Really. I swear. Why are you laughing?

In other news, it's October AKA The Month Long Candy Consumption Celebration! My absolute favorite month of the year is here. And I couldn't be happier. So, Happy October, everyone!

September 2012

YAY! I know, crazy right? Most people bemoan the start of September because it marks a new school year (for themselves or their kids; neither for me, though) or the end of summer. However, I LOVE September because it means Autumn is coming and Halloween is right around the corner! I'm a HUGE Halloween buff. In case you need a reminder, my posts from last year about costumes are HERE, HERE, and HERE;  decorations are HERE; and top ten horror flicks are HERE. Yeah, Halloween is kind of my "thing". The Freaky Friday posts might have given you a clue. *wink*

The best part of September, however, besides it leading into October and Halloween, is the summer publishing lull comes to an end. Yes, many people in the industry will say that it doesn't exist or it's an urban publishing legend. Maybe it only "feels" like a lull, but somehow September brings a new energy that transcends to all parts of the industry. So, I'm cheering it on and crossing fingers on some good news this Fall.

August 2012

Wait, August? Are you kidding? Nope. I refuse. Turn back the clock, reset the calendar, I need a do over. The summer is half gone and there's no way to stop it. *Sigh*. The month of August is known as the "dead zone" in publishing. I'm not sure that's true as deals are being made every day and conference season is in full swing. However, a definite slow down does seem to occur with...well everyone. It's time to take vacations, hit the beach, and party. Unfortunately, I've done none of those three. Oh well. Onward and upward.

July 2012

Summer! Summer time in the city! And it is...HOT! Ugh. I hate the heat. I'm more an Autumn type of girl. Summer means hot miserable walks to the train, rush hour commutes with tons of sweaty people, and longingly looking for a trip to the beach...but, never having time to go. Not fun. Summer was much better as a kid. As an adult, not so much. Anyway, enough complaining.

A TOUCH OF DARKNESS has gotten a facelift and new life injected between the pages. CODE BLACK is done, done, and more done. In fact, I do believe one half of the Super Agent pair threatened me with a light saber if I revise it anymore. :) There may be a record of said occurrence on Twitter, somewhere. And this is why I love her. I need someone to stay STOP, or I'd revise forever.

Words are slowly proceeding on RED ALERT and VALHALLA CITY. And Secret Project has also passed approval by the Super Agents, so Yelena and I are diving into outlining, plotting, and most importantly, writing. More news to come.

All and all it's a hot summer, but starting out strong.

June 2012

Well hello summer, how are you? So much going on this month. BookExpo America, known simply as BEA, is taking place in NYC the first week of June. I'll most likely be attending on that Thursday as part of professional development training for my job, and also, cause it looks like so much fun!

RED ALERT, has been a bit of a slow process, but I'm churning away at it. Yelena and I have also decided on #secretproject and need to write the first few chapters and run them by super agents. News to follow soon. Lastly, VALHALLA CITY is at the bottom of the "to do" pile, but still getting some attention every now and again. When I finish the first project, I'll jump into this one full force, most likely toward the end of the year.

May 2012

*Stomps feet* It cannot be May. I am protesting. This year is zipping past and I can't catch my breath. But, since Father Time seems insistent on ignoring me, let me tell you the news... CODE BLACK is done! YAY. *Happy dance* Final edits are being completed the beginning of this month. *Bats eyes at super agents* I'm also working on the sequel, RED ALERT, dabbling at newest project VALHALLA CITY, and trying to figure out #secretproject with Yelena. Speaking of which, there may be a blog post about that very thing the first week in May... *trails off mysteriously*

April 2012

April, really? Oh, 2012, why do you continue to fly by at this pace? Well, I decided to start another novel. Why? It wouldn't leave me alone! This idea has been humming around my mind for the past two months, so I finally decided it couldn't wait. My newest novel is entitled VALHALLA CITY, and while, RED ALERT will take precedence, I'm going to work on this new project in between...everything else. Ah the life of a writer. :)

March 2012

I officially declare 2012 as moving way too fast. Hope you all are doing well. I'm hard at work on the sequel, RED ALERT, while running through revisions of CODE BLACK.Yelena and I are writing a sequel, lovingly called #2, as well as outlining an additional project together that is covertly called, #SecretProject. We'll be tweeting about both works-in-progress as we write, so if you're on Twitter keep an eye out for the hashtags.

February 2012

Why hello, February! Where did you come from? I started working on RED ALERT. I admit this took me some time to jump into. Although, Yelena believes I needed the break. Ha break, what's that? She was probably right. The editing process can be draining, but now, I'm back into drafting mode, and trying to not get distracted by...oh look shiny new ideas!

January 2012

Happy New Year! I can't believe 2012 is already here. It seems each year flies by faster than the last. 2011 featured several great steps up in my writing career. I finished CODE BLACK, and signed with my wonderful agent. Yelena and I went on sub. I attended two conferences, entered a few RWA chapter contests, and won one. All in all, not a bad year. I hope that 2012 proves as fruitful.

Currently, I'm awaiting feedback from betas on CODE BLACK, then it will be off to the agent. I'm also working on a sequel with Yelena, and another individual project. I hope to have two individual novels finished along with the collaborative project for a total of three books completed this year. Wish me luck! :)

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