Monday, November 26, 2012

Mentor Ninja Bio

Tina Moss could sit here and tell you all of the reasons you should pick her as your Pitch Wars mentor, but there’s really only one that matters…she’s a ninja. And she can wield a light saber! Seriously. Ask her agent mates, if you don't believe her. Studying traditional Shotokan Karate for ten years and earning Shodan rank (first degree black belt), she should technically be a samurai. At 5’1” and a half (5’2” on a good day), she can wear the armor well…
However, her stealth-like skills (sorta) and unassuming demeanor (definitely) make her the perfect ninja! She’s even lived in Japan…the land of ninjas! And you never see her coming. As part of Team Ninja she’ll help you sneak in all quiet-like and wipe the floor with the competition! Ninjas don’t lose.
If that isn’t enough to convince you, Tina lists all the other non-ninja stuff here:
  1. Made of awesome. She took a DNA test to be certain.
  2. Master’s degree in English Language and Literature. Thesis on archetypes in Children’s Literature. 
  3. Short story in charity anthology, Winter Wonders, coming out this December from Compass Press.
  4. Ten years teaching English and five years running academic department.
  5. Represented by Super Agents, Frances Black and Jennifer Mishler, of Literary Counsel.
  6. Co-writer with Yelena Casale on A Touch of Darkness – the first place winner of Central Florida RWA's Touch of Magic contest for the paranormal romance division (then called Blood Bond).
  7. Purveyor and crafter of wondrous words in urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
  8. Former member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). First love is picture books.
  9. Member of RWA (Romance Writers of America) and MLA (Modern Language Association).
  10. Beta reads ten to twenty manuscripts per year including works for published authors: LM Preston, Kristie Cook, Brenda Corey Dunne, Danielle DeVor, and more.
  11. Will not stop working with you until your MS, query and pitch shine! 

Wishes, wishes, and wishes galore...

Tina loves working with other writers and seeing them succeed. No over-egos or self-wallowing allowed here. There’s enough room on the shelves and in cyberspace for every writer, including you!
Like what you’ve read? Tina hopes so. If you think you'd make an awesome teammate (see made of awesome above) and you’re ready to be a ninja, here’s what Tina is looking for in the Adult market...

  • Urban Fantasy – Kickass main character who isn’t afraid to face inner and outer demons in a rough and tumble city environment. (Favorites: Ilona Andrews, Jeanine Frost, Marjorie Liu)* 
  • Paranormal Romance – Feisty heroine and strong heroes please apply. Off the grid mystical creatures falling head over heels hot for each other. (Favorites: Gena Showalter, J. R. Ward, Nalini Singh) *
  • Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic – World-ending? Alternate super scary government take-over? Bleak impossible landscape? Yes! Let's see how your characters deal with the insanity of these worlds. (Favorites: Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth - want to see this brought to adult market)
  • Horror (Thriller too!) – Tina is hard to scare and a bit of an expert on the horror film genre (see Freaky Friday reviews for proof). She loves a well-written horror novel. Be warned, she’ll be tough on this genre, but if you can leave her looking over her shoulder, you’ll have her as a fan for life! (Favorites: too many)
  • Romance – NO CONTEMPORARIES. Tina likes them, but several mentors have more expertise. Shoot for historical, paranormal (see above), mash-up, or category. And make sure it has a happily-ever-after. (Favorites: Michelle Willingham, Karen Marie Moning, Anita Clenney)

*Vampires, angels/demons, and werewolves are a hard sell nowadays, but good story trumps all.

Does your MS falls outside one of these categories? Not sure if it'll work for the Mentor Ninja in Pitch Wars? No worries. Send Tina a note on Twitter and she'll help determine if it's in her area of interest. Not on Twitter? Use Tina's Contact Me page.

Still not sure whether to choose Tina as your mentor? Perhaps her alter egos will convince you…
Batwoman Link Katniss Everdeen
Get those pitches ready and remember to pick the Mentor Ninja! Official details follow below...

Submissions start today (11/26) ! The cut off time to get your applications (query & first five pages of manuscript) in is 8AM EST on December 5.

Send your applications to Writers can apply for up to 3 coaches. The coaches' categories are set. Coaches can only consider the categories they've signed up for. Writers cannot apply for a coach that is not in their category.

For additional information about this contest go HERE (link to your post announcing the contest)
·        This is open to finished manuscripts only.
·         You may only enter one manuscript.
·         Only the genres requested by each coach will be considered for the contest.


Subject line: Pitch Wars Application: Coach Name you want to apply for: Title (Example: Pitch Wars Application: Brenda Drake: GONE WITH THE WIND)

Name: Your Name

Genre: The genre of your manuscript

Word Count: The word count of your manuscript

Query letter here  (embedded in email). Single spaced. No indentions. A space between each paragraph.

First five pages of the manuscript here (embedded in email). Single spaced. No indentions. A space between each paragraph.

REMINDER: You can send an application for up to 3 coaches. 

Check back soon for a complete list of the amazing agents participating in the contest. There's over a dozen!

Today all the coaches are posting bios/wish lists on their blogs. So before choosing your top 3 picks, check all the coaches' posts in your category before deciding which coach to submit. To jump from blog to blog, just click on our pictures below.
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  1. This sounds like awesomesauce, and I LOVE the alternate egos. I think my daughter has about 20 of them. (Kids are great.)

  2. This is great! If I was participating, I'd so pick you! All hale The Ninja Queen! :)

  3. I'd definitely have you on my "MOST WANTED" list. If only the WIP was done, revised and a query completed *sigh*

  4. You sound dangerous. Come to the dojo and we'll
    No, seriously, we need to spar a little again! :D