Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Writer's Cave

When writers get together in a group setting, eventually, someone will bring up "the cave". Sometimes it's the "writing cave". Other times it's the "editing cave". Regardless, it's always the writer's cave. So, what is this elusive cave setting that has all the writers in a dither? Well, a few years ago J. Hubs and I went on a cruise. We came across a mystical cave on one of the beautiful Caribbean islands.
You'll notice the sparkling lake, which we didn't get to swim in - and probably wouldn't have, even if we could have, because it was freezing - but enjoyed nonetheless. The water lit up like stars when we used our flash camera. It held us entranced for a long while as we appreciated the beauty of the cave and its hidden wonders.
The writer's cave is sort of like the above. It has a hypnotic effect on its inhabitants. Those who enter the cave often are not seen for hours, days, and sometimes even weeks or months at a time. They lose touch with reality, social norms, and for the truly dedicated few...hygiene. Hey, have you ever seen a cave dweller? Not the cleanest bunch.
One major problem with the writer's cave - besides the time-lock - is the pitfalls. Like the enchanting Caribbean cave above, it has stalactites. The dangerous limestone deposits, shaped like icicles, can have deadly consequences if they break off. Writers too can encounter untold dangers if they veer off track in the writer's cave - plot holes, character quips, derailed action, stiff dialogue, unbelievable events, and more. Oh the horrors!
So, if you encounter one of these creatures in the wild, leave the hibernating writer in the cave and move on. Eventually, they'll come out of the hole and face the world once more. Until then, beware. Oh, but the good news, unlike animals at the zoo, writers are more than happy when fed - preferably chocolate or cupcakes or chocolate cupcakes!

Have you succumb to the intrigues of the Writer's Cave? Do you know a writer stuck in this place? Are you preparing an intervention?


  1. Those are some spectacular pics! I kind of wish my writing cave actually looked like that :) Though, I must admit, I love my cave, especially when I can be left alone there and be consumed by the world in my head!

  2. Mmmm chocolate cupcakes... *voice echoes from the hollows of the editing cave...*