Friday, October 12, 2012

Freaky Friday: Dream House

The movie opens with a high-powered editor sitting in an office with floor-to-ceiling windows, inside a swanky NYC skyscraper, which any editor will tell you is fiction. Editor Will, played by Daniel Craig, escapes his job to spend more time with his family and move to his “dream house” outside of the city. He transforms from the fast paced editor life to a suburban writer’s pace aka this is also fiction. His wife Libby, played by Rachel Weisz, is an artist and the two daughters follow in their mother’s footsteps with their painting endeavors. The perfect little domestic scene is set as Will comes home to have a fun snowball fight with his waiting wife, while their children clamor for attention.
At this point, I might have turned the movie off, if not for the scene that plays out next. The neighbors across the street are a divorced couple, fighting for custody of their daughter. The dad is high strung and very angry. He gives Will a nasty look as he picks up his daughter and fights with his ex-wife. An alarm sign is shown on the front lawn with the words “armed response” across it. Love the subtle sign in that shot.
Soon after, Will's youngest daughter sees a man in the window, but he and Libby dismiss it as childish imagination...until Will follows tracks in the snow the next morning. The tracks lead all around his house to various windows. He discovers Gothic teenagers in his basement that night. They claim they didn’t know anyone lived in the house and were there because of the murders - doing a séance or something. Will hasn’t heard anything about it. The kids say “the snowstorm in April” and “the whole family was murdered”, when he asks if they’ve been sneaking around his house, the boy says, “He’s back. He’s back.”
The movie quickly unfolds from its picturesque beginnings to a twisted tale of violence, murder, and psychosis. I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the rather lackluster opening and highly fictitious depictions of the editor and writer lifestyle. One to watch.

Rating: B+

PS The movie cover and blurb have very little to do with the actual film. It's more a psychological thriller than a horror flick.


  1. I'm putting this one on my list! Thanks for featuring it, I haven't heard of it.

  2. this movie made me more sad than scared...but I enjoyed it.

  3. Sounds good. We're in need of a freaky movie right about now (per Halloween tradition). And with Daniel Graig AND Rachel Weisz ... be still my beating heart! :)

  4. Great review! You make some good points. I saw it and couldn't (still can't) decide if I was a fan. It definitely had it's good points and it's creep factors, but the premise (what it ended up being, actually) has just been done so many times that, despite being done well, I just wasn't overly impressed. I suppose that's horror/thriller flicks for ya though, right? :D Great review!

  5. I am looking forward to this one...horror, plus Daniel Craig. Nom, nom, nom. LOL


  6. Oh my gosh... I'd watch anything with Daniel Craig in it... he's in my top 5 crushes for SURE... ;)

    Thanks for this, Tina! You always have such fabulous posts ;)

  7. So I do like myself some Daniel Craig, (; but... I'm a big chicken when it comes to horror movies. Violence and gore, not a problem, but horror and thrillers that keep me stressed through out the movie...can't do it. I'd have my head in the popcorn bag the whole time. (:

  8. Thanks everyone. Yes, it really is hard not to like a movie with Daniel Craig. If you're not a horror fan, this one might work for you. Not a lot of gore, more psychological. And Rachel Weisz is brilliant as always. :)