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Freaky Friday: The Possession

First, a big THANK YOU for all of the comments, tweets, and emails in regards to Wednesday's post. I am absolutely floored by the response and appreciate all the wonderful feedback.

Today, I am excited to have a special guest on the blog, fellow paranormal author, Danielle DeVor. I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle through the writing forums and we became fast friends through our shared love of all things weird, including horror movies! First here's a little bit about Danielle:
"I didn’t pop out of the womb as a writer, but I always had stories bouncing around in my brain. Usually, these stories were fodder from daytime talk shows mixed with whatever supernatural element struck my fancy that particular day. I love vampires, horror films, music, ballet, and animals.  I play the harp- which isn’t too common these days."

Is it any wonder why we get along? :) When Danielle talked about seeing the latest creepfest at the theater, she graciously agreed to review the film for our reading pleasure. Squee. Here's her take on The Possession.
The Possession Movie Poster
"Being a bonafide horror-film-fanatic, I pride myself in seeing the great majority of horror films that come out each year. Each time I do, I hope for something that will at the very least entertain me, and I really hope to find something that scares me. A movie that freaks me out is about as rare as finding a long-lost sister to the Hope Diamond. Yeah, I’m that desensitized.

So, keeping all of this in mind, I hauled myself to the movie theatre Sunday night to see the supposed frightfest The Possession. Since the movie is reported to be based on a true story, I first tried to find out what that true story was, at the of the release date for the film, I could not find it. So, with that already unsteady base for the film, I hoped that my fears of suckitude would be unfounded.

Basic synopsis is that a little girl begs her father to buy her the box at a yard sale. After having the box for only a few hours, the little girl begins to act strangely. She eventually opens the box and becomes possessed by the demon that lives in the box- known as a dybbuk box. Her father must find someone to trap the demon before he loses his daughter forever.
Jewelry Box
Could have been avoided with a simple, "I'm sorry honey, you can't have the demon-infested box." Kids!
Well, after seeing the film, I can say this about it. If you have absolutely no idea about demons, possession, and exorcism, then you will probably love this movie. I, being a horror aficionado, however, was bored by the similar conventions to other “exorcism” movies of late: The Last Exorcism, The Rite, Insidious, and The Devil Inside. Basically, to make The Possession, they cobbled together things they thought were scary from other films- such as: Objects moving by themselves, people being thrown about by an unseen force, and spooky “demonic” language.

Onto what I perceive to be as plot holes:

The family is not religious at all. So, when the father discovers that the box is a dyubbuk box, and his daughter is possessed by the demon inside it, I find it odd that the father doesn’t just follow information that has been about in horror films since the 1970’s. One would think that this would at least have been remotely mentioned in the movie instead of him suddenly randomly finding the name of a Jewish man who might be able to help.
Cartoon Demon
Demons are wily creatures who, when possessing a person, do not want to be discovered, so they do not try to convince people of their existence. [Spoiler Alert: Highlight with mouse to see] Even if possible to show up on an electromagnetic image, a demon is not going to appear to be wrapped around someone’s liver in an MRI. Come on people!

Demonic possession happens over time. We are talking weeks and months and years here. Not seconds. Not five minutes. This is something that movies like The Exorcist and The Possession conveniently forget. [Spoiler Alert: Highlight with mouse to see] Both films have a father or father figure who screams at the demon to take them instead, and the demon just willy-nilly jumps ship. And- you can see the demon reacting in the new host almost immediately. Really pathetic when the great majority of each film is spent watching the young child become possessed.

The “real” story:

The box was actually sold on Ebay as a wine cabinet. It contained things like hair, a wine cup, and some pennies. Everyone who owns the box has weird things happen around the house and medical issues like strokes, bronchitis, and insomnia. Nowhere in the history of the box has anyone ever been possessed. If they were- they’d be screaming it from the rafters in the hope of making money off the whole thing. So, while it isn’t the worst- like the weird lizard baby at the end of The Last Exorcism, or the gas-mask wearing medium of Insidious, it’s not good. Is it watchable? Yes. Would I recommend wasting your time? No. Go watch The Exorcist again- since it is the best exorcism movie made to date. And make sure to watch it in the dark. :)

My Rating: C-"

Thank you so much Danielle for this AWESOME review! I agree, nothing like watching The Exorcist in the dark. *shudders*

For you blog readers, be sure to check out Danielle's newest book, Riding on the Tail of the Devil, coming from Eirelander Publishing.

What do you think about Danielle's observation on the influx of the exorcism/possession trope in recent horror flicks? Thumbs up or down?

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  1. Wow, the harp?! Unique, I love it! I may have to watch this movie next month. My Netflix is full of horror movies to celebrate Halloween!