Friday, May 4, 2012

Freaky Friday: The Cabin in the Woods

*Inhales deeply, counts to ten, exhales* SQUEEEEE! 

Oh you cinema genius!
Sorry. Now that the obligatory fangirl excitement for Joss Whedon is out of the way, let me say... I have not enjoyed a horror movie so much in YEARS. Big THANK YOU to super agent, Jenn for giving me the extra nudge to get to the theater for The Cabin in the Woods.
Pause for a moment, if you will, and reflect with me. Remember the days of classic slasher flicks? Friday the 13th. Sarcastic and witty sounding villains? Ahh, Freddy. How about alternate environments and deadly games? Cube, watched in the glory days of the Sci-fi channel (not millenial the Syfy makeover), or the turn of the century Saw franchise. Let's even give a nod to the new invasion of reality TV as a horror construct. Halloween: Resurrection, Battle Royale, and although not horror, the sensation The Hunger Games.
Try to hold all of the movies mentioned above in your mind. Got it? No? Don't worry. I can't picture it either. But, writer Joss Whedon, the genius behind Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, etc and writer/director Drew Goddard, producer of Lost and Alias, did. Originally shot in 2009, this dynamic duo objected to a conversion to 3D format and eventually won. The result delayed the film to a 2012 release date. However, it is well worth the wait.

My favorite lines of the movie (not enough for spoilers, don't worry):

"These are old horrors." - Chem girl
"You mean gods, monsters?" - Guard
"You get used to it." - Chem girl
"Should we?" - Guard

"Remember when you could just throw a girl in a volcano?" - Hadley
"How old do you think I am?" - Sitterson

I have no way to prepare you for this viewing experience, except to say... Suspend your disbelief, enjoy the dialogue - rich with multiple meanings and nods to other horror constructs - and laugh. Laugh a lot. It's fun, witty and an all around good time. Don't take it too seriously and I promise you'll come back to thank me.

Rating: solid A

PS Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are pure delight! Fran Kranz is perfect.

PSS It has Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Dr. Avery (Jesse Williams) shirtless. You're welcome.


  1. Oh, confliction! I love Joss, but I'm an infant when it comes to horror movies. Hmm...

    1. No worries, Carrie. This will be a good one for you. It has more elements of comedy than horror. Cover your eyes for the "eep" moments, but make sure to keep 'em open when the group of teens go to the lake. See PSS above. ;)

    2. Hah! Duly noted, Tina. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  2. Wait... Chris Hemsworth is shirtless in this? *looks up movie times* SIGN ME UP! lol :)

  3. Ok, I LOVE Richard Jenkins and of course Chris Hemsworth. Alright I'm intrigued :) Anything Joss has to be good.

    Also one of my favorite actors of all time, Michael Emerson, was Zep Hindle in the first Saw movie. Although I don't know if I have the stomach for those movies...

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)