Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Writer's Secrets: The Toolbox

Every writer has a collection of secret tools they use to help in various stages of the process. Today, I'd like to share with you some of mine.

  1. Beginnings: a post by literary agent Lucienne Driver about the Do's and Don't's of beginnings. 
  2. Headhopping, Authorial Intrusion, and Shocked Expressions: an article by Anne Marble.
  3. Filtering Through Character: brilliant post about writing from your character's POV by Lisa Gail Green.
  4. The Process: NYT & USA Today Bestselling author, Jeaniene Frost's writing process.
  5. On Pacing: great tips about pacing issues by NYT Bestseller, Kiersten White.
  6. Author Intrusion - 12 Pitfalls to Avoid: fantastic post by one of my favorite authors, Roni Loren. 
  1. Editing For the Second Draft: from the amazing ladies at Girls with Pens.
  2. 6 Steps for Your Final Edit: another awesome one from the Girls with Pens.
  3. One-Pass Manuscript Revision: if you can get past the brutality, it's an excellent method from Holly Lisle.
  4. Revision Checklist: from the guru, Nathan Bransford.
  1. Manuscript Format: everything you ever wanted to know. (Side note: I do, however, disagree on one point and use italics)
  2. Passive Voice: how to set Microsoft Word to search for passive voice.  
  3. Agent's Advice on Formatting: additional points on formatting from literary agent Vickie Motter.
  1. Synopsis Wizard: BEST invention ever for creating a synopsis from Shawntelle Madison.
  2. Nailing Your Synopsis: key points from the rockin' writers of Oasis for YA.They also have additional links on this page.
So many excellent sources on this hair-pulling topic. It'll require a whole other post! Stay tuned to next week's Writer Wednesday for a list.

What are some of your secret writer tools? Bring them to light! List your favorite posts, articles, or websites in the comments below. But, save those query sources for next week. :D


  1. What a great post! Thank you for all these informative and awesome links.

  2. Love, love, love your toolbox! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  3. Good gravy! Such great resources in this one location.

    Thanks for stuffing your toolbox!

  4. What an absolutely wonderful collection of posts! Thank you for sharing these!


  5. What an absolutely wonderful collection of posts! Thank you for sharing these!