Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inherently Lazy Workaholic

No, this is not a tongue twister. You read it right. I am an inherently lazy workaholic. What? What's that? It's a paradox, you say? A false proposition? Allow me to break it down.

My mind says...
"I've got to get this done now! If I do this amount of work in this amount of time, why I'll almost be done! Waahahaa!"

Then, I run around like a chicken screaming...
"It shall be done! It shall be done!"

Next, comes a horse race where I work like a madwoman or the burning fires of a thousand suns...
"Huzzah! Watch me go!"

But, wait! What's this?
"Ugh. What? What now?."

Burnout. I sludge around like a snail moaning...
"Never. Never again. I can't do this." 

And my inherently lazy nature takes over so that I say...
"Oh look TV."

While staring zombielike at the big old tube (can we still call TVs tubes?)...

Inevitably, I pull myself off the couch and the twitching starts again...
"I've got to get this done now."

And so begineth the cycle all over again.

Are you an inherently lazy workaholic? How do you find the elusive balance?


  1. Too funny, Tina. You nailed it. :)

  2. LOL! Yeah, that sounds a bit like me. ;)

  3. That's great, and I love the picture story :) This seems very familiar.

  4. I can totally relate! It is a real thing!

  5. No TV here: iPhone with Tiny Wings/Angry Birds, Stoneloops. Sigh. Even Solitaire. :P

  6. So glad you all feel this way. I'm in good company. :-)

  7. I can be like this too. I find I am the most productive when I have a tight deadline. Then, man can I get stuff done!

  8. I sooo feel this one right now. I'm so close to the end of my revisions, yet I can't seem to move forward. uggghhh. Good luck with your WIP!