Friday, April 27, 2012

Freaky Friday: Leprechaun's Revenge

Syfy's original movie, Leprechaun's Revenge, is a Syfy sigh. In my defense, when I originally recorded the film on my DVR, I thought it was part of the Leprechaun series. Now THAT was a funny horror series. Did you remember Jennifer Aniston was in the first one? I didn't. Anyway, back to this 2012 Syfy original...
The leprechaun is not the sarcastic spouting monster from the other series, but a Treebeard wannabe without the awesome factor. This thing is a two-legged gold-eating beast with hooves and green blood. Sans witty remarks. The emaciated look doesn't help him either. It just makes me want to feed him a cracker.
There's only one Treebeard
In the far more hilarious series, the Leprechaun character uses all sorts of crazy stunts to hurt or kill his victims. Pogo stick anyone? In this film, they capture some of that by having the leprechaun drive a car to kill one of his victims. It's not funny, it's not scary, and it's sure as heck not creative. I mean, really, a car? This is a dark creature with centuries old magic and he uses a car? Grr...
Oh look at those gold earrings. Nom nom.
Any film with Billy Zane should add a few notches with brilliant one-liners like "What would you say if I told you I saw a Leprechaun?" but alas no. My poor Irish ancestors are spinning in their graves. Did you know four horseshoes can bind a leprechaun and a red clover exists with a curse attached to anyone who picks it? Yeah, me either.
Give me that gold name tag, Billy Zane!
If the above wasn't enough to deter you from the film, let me share my favorite lines:

"I thought this whole leprechaun stuff was a bunch of malarchy."
"What are you gonna tell your men, you're a lepre-cop?"

Okay, I kind of like the lepre-cop one. Damn you Billy Zane. I cannot stay mad at you even when you do terrible movies. But, I can steer horror fans away from this debacle. Alas, Syfy, you are not the Sci-fi or Sci-fi channel of my youth.

Rating: F+ (the plus is for Billy)


  1. Syfy has become a sad wash of what it used to be.

  2. It isn't the channel of our youth by far, in a very, very bad way. Sad indeed!

  3. When they changed "sci-fi" to "syfy", seems like the old name took all the good stuff with it, I agree. It's rare I watch it anymore.