Monday, April 23, 2012

Calling All Teens!
Win a Designer Prom Dress!

You read that right.  Win a Designer Prom Dress.  The fabulous Lisa Burstein is celebrating the upcoming release of PRETTY AMY on May 15th by giving away 3 Size 8 Phoebe Couture evening dresses, generously donated by Kay Unger, and 2 $20 Sephora gift cards.


PRETTY AMY starts on a prom night that goes horribly and hilariously wrong. Prom night or any special night doesn’t always go as planned. There is a lot you can’t control: the weather, your date’s breath and sometimes even the whim of a policeman.

Designer good. $200 Designer good!

But Hurry! Contest Ends 5/17!

To make this even MORE fun, some brave Entangled authors, editors, publicists and interns have given Lisa their prom photos. She will be posting them on her Facebook page over the next month as well!

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