Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Excerpts and Inspiration Photos:
The Lucky 7 MeMe

Sharing an excerpt from a WIP (work in progress) for a writer is like flashing some skin. It's not the whole story, but it still makes you feel a bit naked. For this Lucky 7 MeMe I've been tagged by three awesome writers, Elise Fallon, Carrie Butler, and Lisa Burnstein. They've been brave enough to share their excerpts, and so I'm following their lead.
First the rules of the game...

1.  Go to page 77 of your WIP

2.  Go to line 7

3.  Copy the first 7 sentences or paragraphs exactly as they are written, no cheating.

4.  Tag 7 authors and let them know

My two newest WIPs haven't reached page 77 yet, so I'll use my recently completed project, CODE BLACK.

      She was the freakin’ eyewitness for crying out loud. The jack hammering stop-and-go routine on the ride from hell didn’t help settle her anxiety. When the stress got too high, she knew of one place to go and no, it wasn’t where everyone knew your name, but close enough.

      The Jukebox, a Phoenix staple in the downtown scene was half-modern coffee shop, half 1950s style diner. It appealed to urbanites, nuclear families and aging hipsters alike, and was Sera’s home away from home since college. Heck, the one thing that got her through school was this place. Not to mention the fact that Coco, the affectionately nicknamed coffee aficionado and owner, willing kept the lattes flowing practically twenty-four, seven back in those days.

Since the scene talks about The Jukebox, I thought it would be fun to include my inspiration photo for the diner.

Now for the newest players of the Lucky 7 MeMe:
  1. Leslie Rose
  2. Ava Jae
  3. TS Tate
  4. Bethany C.
  5. Lisa Gail Green
  7. Kate Coursey
If you've been tagged already, my apologies. If not, have fun playing!

How about you readers? Want to get in on the fun? Writers, show us your excerpts! Readers, pick your favorite quotes from any book.


  1. Oh wow! Thank you for tagging me, Tina! I'll be sure to follow through on both this one, and the Kreativ Blogger award next week! :)

    Thank you again!! :D

    1. Most welcome! I found this one especially fun since I rarely post excerpts. :)

  2. great excerpt, and you're very brave to post it. The idea has be shaking in my writerly pants.

  3. Tina that was great, I enjoyed reading your work, thanks.

  4. I enjoyed this peek - and love the picture :-)