Friday, February 3, 2012

Shrunken Heads on Storage Wars

The latest craze in the TV world is an A&E show called Storage Wars. The "reality" series follows around a group of people - either pawn shop owners, thrift store owners or collectors - to auctions for storage units. They film the winning bidders digging through the storage lockers to uncover all kinds of items. Most of the time these are harmless relics. However...
On the last episode my favorite persona on the show - Barry - found a special item in his locker. Arguably the most eccentric of the group, this kooky collector brought in psychics to help him determine whether to bid on a locker or not. The psychics warned him that some negative energy surrounded his chosen locker, but he bid - and won - despite the warning.
They proceeded to help him go through the locker's contents. With household items, pots, pans, papers and magazines littering the locker, it looked like nothing to fear. Until...a dirty, dusty cooler drew the psychics' attention. Using a towel, Barry cautiously dug inside the cooler to find...
Shrunken heads! Ok, not this guy from Beetlejuice, but close! Barry takes his cooler of heads to a local expert - i.e. college professor - for authentication. Turns out that the heads are replicas much to Barry's relief. Replicas or not these things are freaky. Don't believe me? Check out the definition of a shrunken head from our friends at wikipedia, "a severed and specially prepared human head that is used for trophy, ritual, or trade purposes." If you want to see what a real shrunken head looks like, you'll have to Google, because those pics aren't going on this site. *blah*

What do you think about shrunken heads? Freaky, yay or nay? How about Storage Wars? Do you watch?


  1. EWWWEEEE...that's all I have to

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  3. that's insane! I'm not sure how i would react if I found something like that somewhere.

  4. ...eccentric, I agree. The curiosity however, pulls with a rope far too taut for me to resist. Love that show! Can't wait to see what lies inside those abandoned storage units ;)