Friday, January 13, 2012

Freaky Friday: Walking Dead

My friends harped on me for awhile to watch the new AMC series, Walking Dead. I didn't resist on purpose, but zombies have never really held my interest. So, I wasn't in a rush to see it. When AMC played the New Years marathon, I recorded all of the current episodes and started watching out of sheer curiosity at the hype.
The hubby and I sat down to a lovely post-New Year's Day with chocolate truffles in hand and a full DVR of zombies - even thought technically in the series, they're called walkers, but bleh on semantics. I watched the first four episodes without enthusiasm. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger and forces you to watch the next. And if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know of my sucker syndrome for sequels. I have to keep going even if I don't like the original.
Thanks for playing
Without giving away too many spoilers, my biggest pet peeve was the introduction of a father and son to the show in the first two episodes. By episode three, they're gone - not dead, but split from the pack - and we're left with the sheriff. The sheriff, who is the "hero" of the show, rides into town on a horse. *Sigh* Can you say cliche? I swear by episode four, I was just about done. The annoying white supremacist hillbilly, who is supposed to be the character you love to hate, didn't garner enough of my concern to even muster an emotional response. But then, something wonderful happens...
"And shepherds we shall be..."
Bring on episode five and...Norman Reedus! Is that really my main man from Boondock Saints? Why yes, it is, sans the Irish accent. Praises to the casting director, the show has been saved! Okay, so technically, he's been in the first four episodes, but in episode five, his character Daryl starts to shine.
If the Zombie Apocalypse hits tomorrow, I'm sticking with this guy. Daryl is a boy from the sticks loaded with crossbow and superior hunting skills. I'll take him over the highbrow, overly moral sheriff Rick, and his shady partner, Shane, any day of the week. Throw in the old man, Dale - who is apparently the only one to see things how they REALLY are - and the geeky kid, Glenn, and I'm pretty certain the four of us would survive no problem.

Here's what I'm giving the characters for their odds of survival:

Rick: 2-1
The hero rarely dies
Shane 100-1
Evil begets evil
Lori 50-1
Happy ending -
mom lives, if not...
Carl 20-1
Kids are the
wild card

Andrea: 12-1
Pretty blondes are
good for ratings
T-Dog: 30-1
If horror movie
lore prevails...
Carol: 70-1
Needs a white
knight to survive.
Sophia: 70-1
Unstable family,
odds are against.

Dale: 8-1
Wily old men
live forever.
Glenn: 5-1
The brains of this
eclectic bunch.
Daryl: 2-1
Who needs a
hero? Gimme him.
Me: 1-1
I'm from Brooklyn.
Zombies? HA!

Rating: A++++

Even races horses have slow starts. I'm forgiving Walking Dead it's lazy beginning, because it knows how to close with a bang!

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  1. Glad you're finally on board with this show so we can talk about it! :)
    The character that annoys me the most at this point, I think, is Andrea. Just something about her is very annoying.
    Anyway, can't wait for the mid-season premiere.

  2. I'm surprised you were not moved by the first episode alone. Great premier. It hooked me from the beginning. And I don't like horror. And I've very picky when it comes to zombies. but I've since checked out the graphic novel its based on. You won't regret sticking with it.

    I work with a girl from brooklyn. She's be on my team, too. :)

  3. I LOVE this show, and got my husband into recently. And Daryl is such a bad-A. I would definitely want him on my side during the apocolypse

  4. Norman Reedus?! Say no more, I'm off to check out this show NOW! Huge Boondock Saints fan here. HUGE.

  5. OMG, I am a total Daryl fan, too. When the Zombie apocalypse comes is gonna be the rednecks who survive. Though I have some room for the totally disturbed Shane.