Monday, December 5, 2011

Puppy Mayhem: The Rise of Devil Dog

For our December monthly Monday post, I considered telling you a heartwarming tale about the holidays. Something that would get you in the spirit and have you counting down the days until the holidays are here. But, this puppy of mine won't let me!
Doesn't he look all sweet and innocent? He does, right? HA! It's a lie. Don't trust that cute little face. It's all a ruse. In November, my sweet little boy turned one and a half and my husband returned to work after a long layoff. With mommy and daddy out of the house during the day, this adorable, well behaved little boy shifts and becomes DEVIL DOG!
So far he's ripped up, destroyed, or eaten the following items...

  1. A black leather belt. He proceeded to eat half of the belt, swallowing large chunks whole. We discovered this since he upchucked for a majority of the night. We thought only the belt buckle remained, until we discovered he'd hid the other half for a midnight snack.
  2. A bag of Wee Wee pads. As any good puppy mother knows, Wee Wee pads are the greatest invention on the planet. Except when you spend lots of $$$ on them, only to have your precious puppy rip up the bag.
  3. A bath mat. We now track water all over the bathroom, since Chuck decided to use the mat as his personal chew toy. Apparently, $130 worth of toys from Petco were not enough to keep the Devil Dog entertained.
  4. The satellite remote. I leave HGTV on for him during the day, so he can learn all about do-it-yourself home improvement projects or the real estate market. He didn't appreciate the irony and said he wanted to watch Animal Planet.
  5. My white bra. I'm convinced this is a conspiracy between the hubby and Devil Dog, since none of my "fancy" bras were harmed. My plain white bra, however, met its end in the jaws of the beast.
And so concludes the tale of Devil least, for now.

UPDATE: In light of Devil Dog's antics, hubby has created the following reminder for himself...


  1. Oh, honey. Chuck has only just begun. LOL.

    Mine has destroyed a complete set of leather furniture, two oriental rugs, assorted pet beds and the plaster off my walls.

    Iko reformed after a lengthy and uninterrupted period of training and supervision, but not before I turned gray. :)

  2. Ahhh!!! They look cute, but one never knows the mishief hiding beneath that cuteness (Much like in children). Hope he starts behaving soon!

  3. The moment that creature enters the premises, everything becomes chewing fodder. Good thing they look cute, right? :)

  4. LOL! Oh no! It definitely sounds like a conspiracy to me...

  5. I knew all those pictures of him peacefully sleeping were a ruse! He was spending all that time plotting and planning . . .