Monday, November 7, 2011

The Many Faces of Chuck the Corgi

It's the first official Monday of November which means I owe you a funny family story. Unfortunately, I've been bogged down in work for the past two weeks - WIP deadlines and job meetings. So, to make up for my lack of story this month, I give you a collection of cute corgi pictures. Take it away, Chuck!
Baby Chuck sleeps. 12 Weeks Old.
Are you looking at me?
Love eyes (Tina & Baby Chuck)
Dinner time?
Writing isn't hard...How do I turn on the computer?
I am Bat Dog! (5 months old)
Chuck's first snow storm.
The Great Flying Squirrel!
Adult Chuck sleeps. (18 months old)
Phew! Thanks for bailing me out of that one Chuck. And I fully believe you can be a writer too, once you figure out the computer. Mama loves you. <3


  1. You can not get any cuter than that. Adorable!

  2. how adorable! Good luck with the deadlines :-).

  3. AWWWWWWWW! Loved the pics! He is just adorable. Does he chew on your socks and shoes???

  4. Thanks! Oh yes, Lorelei, he loves socks. Not shoes so much, unless they're slippers. LOL.

  5. I love Chuckie boy. He's just too adorable!

  6. Adorable! I particularly love the flying squirrel. Oh, and the love eyes. What a sweetie!

  7. So cute, but I've met enough Corgis to wonder if most of the pictures are of him sleeping because that's the only time he's still . . .