Friday, November 4, 2011

Freaky Friday: Deja Vu

All over again.

You walk upon a lone road. Dark trees surround a dusty path. The dirt grinds into your shoes. A scuffling sound draws your attention. You turn - fast - but the trees alone rustle in the wind. Nothing behind you except the chilling sense of deja vu.
A French word literally translated as "already seen", deja vu has stumped scientists, lacking a definitive explanation.  According to "What is déjà vu?" by, as much as 70% of the population experience this sensation. Medical science has linked the phenomena to temporal-lobe epilepsy, but no one knows why individuals without medical conditions encounter this state.
Parapsychologists and certain religious groups believe that deja vu is a moment when a past life touches upon the present. For example, you travel to a foreign country - a place you've never been - and suddenly are gripped with the sense that you've been there before. You might actually have been there before, in a past life.
Whether a weird brain impulse or a message from lives before, deja vu can conjure up some interesting ideas. Have you ever met someone and feel like you've known them forever? Yeah, me too. Ever been somewhere and had the thought you'd spent time there before? Yup, check. Ever predicted an accident or illness before it happened? A time or two, uh huh. Freeeaky. 

What about you readers? Tell me about your experiences with deja vu.


  1. They don't happen as often anymore. Mostly the deja vu occurs as part of a conversation. That's when I stop and think, Whoa--didn't we already discuss this?

    And then I carry on merrily since I know how the conversation will end. :)

  2. I love when I have a deja vu. They seem supernatural, don't they?

  3. I experience the sense of deja vu quiet often. Ok, maybe not as much as before but still. Often, it feels like I had a dream that was exactly like the situation I'm in. As a child, I used to experience the same type of deja vu over and over, so it's fun to think that maybe it's a whisper of a past life. We urban fanatasy and supernatural romance writers love this stuff! :D

  4. I've had some powerful episodes of deja vu where I know an entire conversation that's going to play out. It has seriously creeped me out, and fascinated me, on occasion. I still love The Matrix explanation. ;)

  5. I just watched a really cool video explaining some of the mysteries around deja-vu, that you may be interested in watching:

    Deja-vu is quite interesting, surprisingly enough, although the teen years of your life are when deja-vu occurs most, I haven't had many experiences with it. I have, however, many times experienced presque-vu, which is the "tip of your tongue" feeling.

  6. Yes. I'm married to one of them.
    Loads of times. Freaky at first.
    Accidents. I drive a transit bus. I'm either psychokinetic,or telepathic because when I see that an accident is about to happen before my eyes--it somehow doesn't. I'm either using telepathy to warn the driver or psychokinesis to prevent it. It happens nearly daily.
    Interesting post, Tina! I love this stuff!

  7. I have deja vu all the time. It was really intense when I visited Paris many years ago. I really felt like I'd been there before, and yes, I do believe in past lives!

  8. I had half of my temporal lobe removed due to a brain injury. My deja vus , religous feelings, etc are little to none now. I've read up on how the temp lobes affect these feelings.. so weird...