Monday, October 10, 2011

Phantom Island Pep Rally!

Go Team Go! I am so excited to introduce you all to Krissi Dallas. She's an amazing author and teacher whose books, Windchaser and Windfall, are being commercially released on December 13, 2011. To celebrate we're having a big pre-release Pep Rally and you can order your copies through the White Island Shoppe today.

To kick off this party in style, Krissi is hopping along the blogs with some special guests. Each day, her teen readers will reveal a little more about Krissi and her books. Today, I have the honor of hosting fellow Pyradorian, Robert! Take it away.

Robert & Krissi at Breaking Dawn Release Party
Hi, Tina! I’m excited to get to visit a fellow Pyradorian’s blog today! I am a senior in high school and, though I have known Krissi since I was in 7th grade, I would say I REALLY got to know her after reading the Phantom Island books! She has some very funny quirks that really come to light in her writing – especially through the main character, Whitnee. One defining quirk of Whitnee’s (and of Krissi’s) is her, um, FISH issues that you learn about in the very beginning of the books. Krissi also has her own flirting habits that come out in the books – and you only recognize them if you pay attention to the relationship between Krissi and Sam, her awesome husband (my youth pastor). They still act like teenagers themselves at times – always teasing each other. I have been on several trips with Krissi and she has a great sense of humor.Even in serious moments, there’s always that little piece of comic relief with her – and that comes through in the books. If you are a guy and thinking this is just a “chick book,” you are so wrong. I’m a guy and I believe this is a great series for guys, girls, teens, young adults, old adults, or whatever. Windchaser and Windfall really do contain everything readers could want – action, romance, suspense, comedy and so much more.

Robert & Krissi 2011
When Whitnee and her friends discover the Island, they also discover they each relate differently to one of the four tribes on the Island. In the same way, I think all of us readers find tribes we relate to more. I am a Pyradorian – the Fire tribe. Pyras are drawn to beauty, artistry, and emotion. We are empathetic listeners, passionate and spontaneous. Like Gabriel, the main Island character and Whitnee’s love interest, I’m “fiercely protective of those whom I love.” To find out what tribe you’re in, go to and take the tribal quiz. You’ll love finding a place for yourself in this series – it’s REALLY good. For more fun stuff about Krissi and Phantom Island, check out my friend, Angie, who will be participating in the Pep Rally on Wednesday at Kristie Cook’s blog! Until then, go have fun on the Island!

Great job, Robert! Pyradorians rock! Find out what tribe you belong to by visiting Krissi's official quiz page HERE. And check out how you can earn Spirit Points for awesome swag along our Pep Rally stops, by visiting HERE. Last but not least, don't forget to check out these both books from the White Island Shoppe. To entice you, here's a teaser of Windchaser and Windfall...


“One fateful summer night, when one rule is broken, five teenagers will discover an unexpected adventure full of magic, romance, and true friendship.”


  1. Thanks Tina for your blogspot. Robert you rock! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this great stop on the pep rally Robert and Tina! I'm so excited for Krissi's new traditionally published versions!

  3. Thank you, Tina, for hosting the pep rally today!! I love how you like to "play with Fire" - hahaha. And thanks to Robert for writing a sweet blurb - I still think it's funny what he said about the flirting thing with Sam and me and how it's similar in the book - never thought about that before!! Funny when real life touches our writing in ways we don't notice. :) Thanks again for featuring the books on here!

  4. Thanks Robert and Tina for the post. Another fun stop on the tour!