Saturday, September 24, 2011

Banned Books Week: Sept. 24 - Oct. 1

Banned Books Week is a celebration of our right to choose, our right to decide, our right to read. Each year at the end of September reading communities around the country in bookstores, libraries, professional organizations and universities draw attention to the problem of censorship.

This year my friend, Heather McCorkle, had her book banned from her local bookstore because of what was dubbed as an "intense scene". I am proud to have read her book and can happily recommend it to others. She deserves to have her book, The Secret of Spruce Knoll, displayed. It is every author's dream to see their book in print and on the shelves of their hometown bookstore. In support of Banned Books Week, she's joined the Banned Book Week Blog Hop hosted by I Read Banned Books & I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and is giving away a book on her blog. Please hop over and support her.

You can also participate in the Virtual Read-Out which features readers posting videos of themselves on YouTube reading excerpts of their favorite banned books. So, check the list of frequently banned books, and see if your favorite is posted. Then, grab your webcam or phone, click record, and get reading!


  1. That's so sweet of you, thank you so much. I'm in tears over all the wonderful support. The reading/writing community is the best! As are you my dear. :)

  2. Banned Book Week is the greatest week of the year! I'll definitely be checking out Heather's book.

  3. Hi Tina-I am also going to check out Heather's book! Thanks!

  4. YAY! She's fabulous. I hope you all enjoy it. :D