Friday, August 26, 2011

Freaky Friday: Hurricane Irene

Did you hear that NYC had tremors from the Virginia earthquake on Wednesday? Yeah, we did. I was at work speaking to a colleague and the conversation went like this...

Co-worker: "Did I tell you about...hey did you feel that?"
Me: "Yup." (pause) "So anyway..."

Living and working in NYC has made me quite blase about anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps, this is where my love of horror movies comes in. I enjoy the shock value, something that will knock me out of the mundane. However, New Yorkers do not need another shocker. Anyone who lived through September 11 can tell you this. And with the tenth anniversary of the tragedy right around the corner, fear is fresh in everyone's psyche. So, it is no surprise that...
Hurricane Irene has this city in an uproar. Evacuation routes are being laid out on the city's emergency sites. People are stock piling supplies. Public transportation services are being suspended.

More information is available from NYC OEM site:

Please remember that in the midst of a natural disaster, it's best to remain calm. I hate seeing everyone become so fearful. It's a horrible reminder of what the city's already been through. And for everyone in the hurricane's path, please stay safe. Keep the lines of communication as open as possible. The internet is a powerful force, use it to help others.

UPDATE: It's Sunday morning and Irene has passed over NYC. My family and friends are safe. Some are without power and some have flooding in their homes, but no injuries. Thank goodness.


  1. This does make for a great Freaky Friday post. I'm worried about all my friends over there in New York. You peeps stay safe! Golden advice here.

  2. Thanks Heather! We're hunkering down. Chances are we'll get lots of rain and wind. Maybe a power outage or flooding. Hopefully, nothing too major.

  3. Stay safe, Tina. We are preparing down here in Philly.

  4. Here's hoping the huricane veers to the right, and keeps away from the east coast. Be safe!

  5. 1) That earthquake was so weird! We felt it all the way in Ohio.

    2) Be safe, Tina! It seems like you guys are in for some wicked weather.

  6. Stay safe, Tina. Hopefully it doesn't hit us that bad

  7. Thanks everyone. Hurricane is about to hit us hard in a few hours. If your in its path, PLEASE stay safe. Do NOT go outside.

  8. That is a horrible situation, and I hope you stay save... I was in Japan when the big earthquake hit earlier this year, on level 36 of hotel mind you, but we won't go there, so I understand the fear. Been watching it on TV... hoping the hurricane slows down.

  9. I was mandated out of my town by Hurricane Rita, and thus by odd turns of events, I found myself living for awhile on the dark, dangerous streets of New Orleans.

    Being a writer, I turned it into my urban fantasy, FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE. I went back to my town eventually, but Hurricane Season is always an unsettling time for me, Roland