Friday, July 1, 2011

Freaky Friday: Drag Me to Hell

I went to the movie theater to see this one when it first came out. Yeah, I know, let the stoning begin. I bought into the trailer and the hype and Sam Raimi. Seeing this one replay on late night TV a few weeks ago made me realize...It should have gone straight to DVD.

Let’s pause for a moment because I’m sure you all know my love for the cheesy, D-class horror flick. However...this wasn’t a horror movie. Not even close. The plot was weak. The acting was overdone. The graphics were meh. Nada, nothing, zilch for horror movie buffs. But, all is not lost...
Drag Me to Hell Movie Poster
If you’re a Sam Raimi fan, you’ll appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor. But, don’t walk into this expecting a new EVIL DEAD or you’ll be disappointed. Take this for a horror-spoof, comedy flick and you may find the $8.09 you spent on the DVD ($4.14 used) worth it.
Drag Me to Hell Authorized Screen Shot
So, what’s it about? It’s a gypsy’s revenge plot against a pretty blond banker who denies said gypsy a loan. Um...yeah. That about covers it, but for more details...Gypsy curses main actress, really bad stuff happens, girl’s boyfriend doesn’t believe in the curse, and girl seeks creepy characters to help her get rid of curse before she’s...ahem...dragged into Hell.

The critics raved about this movie, but the audience critiques show a mixed bag. I could see the split because it depends if you’re looking at it from a horror or comedy perspective. In fairness, I’ll give this two ratings.

Horror Rating: D+ (not failing IS Sam Raimi)

Comedy Rating: B- (not as funny or memorable as EVIL DEAD, but entertaining)

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  1. Yeah, this movie wasn't Sam Raimi's best. It's ashame I liked the Evil Dead movies.