Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Writer Wednesday: Featuring Steve Cordero

I'm so over the moon excited to share this writer with you. I met Steve last year while wandering around the writing boards. He's extremely supportive, talented and an all around nice guy. In all of our communication, he's always put forth a positive attitude, a word of encouragement, or a virtual (((hug))). Writing can often be a lonely endeavor, especially when the road to publication becomes far too long. This week he's taken one more step toward his goal and landed an agent! Please join me in offering a heartfelt...


Now for more about Steve straight from the writer's pen...

"Steve Cordero has an eclectic taste in reading and writing, which falls under the umbrella term 'commercial fiction.' He loves, in no particular order, YA, thrillers, historicals, fantasy, and scifi. He’s written seven books. The first was a monster of a historical set in Ancient Rome weighing in at 250,000 words which he queried with no success (not surprising) in 2003. He put that beast on a diet and turned it into two distinct books which he queried separately. He garnered some requests, but nothing panned out. Never smart enough to quit, Steve wrote his fourth novel, a biblical thriller, that garnered even more requests but, alas, no offer of rep. He decided to try his hand at scifi, writing a dystopian thriller. There were more near-misses on that one. Admittedly disheartened, he decided to change his fortunes and plunge headfirst into YA. He wrote two books, the first a YA urban fantasy and the second a YA high fantasy which piqued the interest of John Rudolph of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management and Steve signed with John this week."

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  1. Thanks, Tina, for featuring me. It's an honor and you're a great friend.

  2. Whoo Congrats again Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love success stories! Lots of luck.