Friday, June 3, 2011

To Think or Not To Think...Brain Overload

We – the community of collective writers - think too much. In the shower, in the grocery store, in the car, on a train, in a plane, well you get the idea. We think constantly, incessantly, unstoppably about our writing. Some days it’s character traits, names, motivations, etc. Other days, it’s plot points or holes or I don’t know where the hell this story is going. And my absolute worse days, the oh my God I finished my WIP, it’s become the first draft and now I have to – gulp –revise! *cue running and screaming* It’s exhausting! So here’s my question...
Question Mark in Orange Circle

Do you ever want to tell your brain to shut up? I imagine a cage match with me in one corner and a monstrous sized brain in the other. I can’t fight it because I’m afraid I’ll damage it beyond repair. So, I run, but I can never run far enough or fast enough. You can’t run from your own mind.
Cartoon Brain chasing a Cartoon Girl
Most days I feel blessed and thankful for by my brain, or more specifically, my imagination. However, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with all the time. Sometimes I need a break, a chance to be inside my head without wanting to grab the nearest pen and jot down that can’t miss idea. What about you, out there, scribbling away? Do you ever need a break from your “writerly” self?

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  1. This post couldn't have come at more perfect time! I've reached a point in my novel where I'm stopping to figure out 'where is this going'? <--yes, I'm a pantser.
    I have a full-time job, so during down times at the office, I'm brainstorming, imagining the scenes I will write the moment I get home. Then when I do get home, I'm over-analyzing the scene I'm writing (pesky inner critic!). It's hard to take a break, because my imagination is alive and it's I *have* to take advantage of it.
    Even watching movies with the hubs doesn't stop the brain from working (most of the time).

    So - yes! I need a break from the writer in me, but I don't want her to feel *too* neglected during that break.