Monday, May 16, 2011

Waiting for the Dream

The journey of a writer is a microcosm for life's journey. (I know I sound way too philosophical for a Monday, but stay with me.) It's a rollercoaster ride - ups and downs, twists and turns, highs and lows, dips, spins, speed up, slow down, fasten your seatbelt, keep your hands inside... you get the idea. The biggest and most frustrating part, however, isn't the ride at all. It's the waiting in line before the ride. You know that hot summer Saturday when you had to go to the amusement park or you'd bust. So, you wait in line, sunglasses strapped to your face, sun beating down, only to wait hours before you even see the ride. This is the writer's journey.
Line of People
We wait, and wait, and wait. When our writing and revising are done, we jump in the car on the way to our amusement park - agent, editor, release date, best seller's list, reviews, etc. Overjoyed and full of adrenaline, we stand in line waiting patiently to make it to the front. After what seems like an eternity, we sit on the ride, throw our hands in the air, and scream - sometimes from excitement, sometimes from fear. Then, it's over. The ride ends and if we kept down our lunch, if our hands stop shaking, if it wasn't all for nothing, we make our way to the next line and the next ride.
Writers wait more than most professionals, but isn't life the same way? We throw ourselves into that which is most important. We give our heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears, only to often have to wait for the outcome - whether good or bad. We can't control the end result. A child that works hard to get good grades, must wait to see the results of exams. A high school student sends out college applications and waits to see what school will accept him. A young adult, newly thrown into the job market, applies and waits, praying for an interview, an acceptance. A couple plans for their future and must wait - planning a wedding, starting a family, buying a house, etc. Even as we grow older, we wait. We wait for retirement, for children to leave the house, to take that dream vacation, to save for an investment. But, that's the point in the end, waiting is part of the journey. It makes our desires that much more valuable because we worked toward - and waited for - our dream.


  1. I love this post! Beautifully said. And very true!

  2. So true!! That's why we have to enjoy the ride. :D

  3. Great way to express it. Make sure you always keep your hands up in the air during the ride.