Friday, April 15, 2011

Contestapalooza: Pitchfests for Writers!

If you haven't heard, some amazing contests are going on this month! You can win critiques and/or partial/full requests for your manuscripts. Some are auction style for charity, others are best pitch competitions. Check them all out...

Enter to Win

Yatopia: Pitch Contest with Natalie Fischer! A Pitch and First Sentence Competition with the top 20 judged by the YAtopians, then the finalist chosen by Natalie Fischer of the Bradford Lit Agency.

Ebysswriter: Pitch & 250 Word Contest with Gina Panettieri! Write that Twitter-sized (140 character) Pitch & the first 250 words of your MS for a chance to win one of four amazing prizes: all critiques from Gina Panettieri of the Talcott Notch Agency.

Miss Snark's First Victim's Contest It happens every month at the beginning of the month. Rules are posted on her blog a few days before. Each month features a "secret agent" and the rules vary.

First Page Shooter Critiques Suzie Townsend, agent with FinePrint Literary Management, and Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, agent with Nancy Coffey Literary, are offering writers the opportunity to send the first 250 words of their MS for critiques. No contest, just send them in!

Critiques for Water by That Flighty Temptress An excellent campaign that includes critiques by blog hostess, Kat Brauer, as well as many special guests including authors, agents and editors. All proceeds go to Charity:Water a non-profit dedicated to bring clean water to those in need of it.


  1. Whoa! Great post and links : ) I signed up for the shooter so we'll see

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the link-ups Tina!

  3. Hey, Tina, thanks for stopping by my blog. Cool contests. I'd better get crackin'.