Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference

My dear friend and co-writer, Yelena Casale, reminded me with her wonderful blog at that I have not yet written about my experience at the Liberty States Fiction Writers conference at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel. Shame on me. *slaps hand* I’ll be rectifying that now...
Liberty States Fiction Writers
The Liberty States Fiction Writers conference is hosted annually and only in its second year. Yet, easily over one hundred writers from across the country attended the event. Workshops, pitch sessions, giveaways and a luncheon with the best chocolate cake ever all played a part in making the conference great!
The pitch sessions featured several epublishers, which highlighted the changes in the industry. Both the agent and editor panels discussed new publishing strategies including the rise of the electronic market. Bottom line: Print books are not dying relics. eBooks are not the enemy. Both have a place and both are valuable.
The keynote speaker at the luncheon, MaryJanice Davidson aka MJ, took the cake – well not, literally, I wasn’t giving up that cake for anyone, but you get the idea. She is hilarious! If her books are even half as good as her speech, then she gained a fan in me. Check her out here
If you live in the tri-state area, I’d highly encourage you to attend next year. Lots of fun! The Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel, the location for the event, is also gorgeous. It’s perfect if you are coming from further away and need a place to stay for the conference.
Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel
You can find more about the conference and the Liberty States Fiction Writers organization on their site


  1. I love conferences!! I just went to an SCBWI retreat myself this past weekend and it was fabulous. I'm so glad you went to this one.

  2. Oh! Sounds interesting!!
    I'd never been in a conference but I'd LOVE to!! Thx for sharing! :D